Is It Too Late to Get AI Ready? Advice from Microsoft Experts
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Jul 28, 2023 7:00 AM

Is It Too Late to Get AI Ready? Advice from Microsoft Experts

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Become AI-ready with Microsofts Semantic Kernel; a user-friendly, AI-powered SDK. Learn setup and integration from experts John Maeda and Sam Schillace.

Wondering if you're too late to become "AI ready"? John Maeda brings good news in his latest One Dev Question. The talk introduces Microsoft's Semantic Kernel (SK), the new face of AI-powered development. This revolutionary, AI-based software development kit (SDK) is designed to be lightweight, user-friendly, and multi-layered.

  • SK is part of Microsoft's AI ecosystem.
  • It allows developers to easily incorporate LLM AI capabilities into their apps.
  • John Maeda and Sam Schillace, Microsoft's deputy CTO, give a detailed overview of SK.
  • The tutorial includes a step-by-step guide through the initial setup process.
  • Extra content provides demonstrations of sample apps available in the repository.

Delving Deeper into Microsoft's Semantic Kernel

The Microsoft's Semantic Kernel (SK) continues to shape the landscape of AI-powered development. It is an integral part of the Microsoft AI ecosystem, facilitating the process of integrating sophisticated LLM AI capabilities into applications. John Maeda and Sam Schillace, two of Microsoft’s leading minds, provide a comprehensive exploration of this ground-breaking tool. From its key functionalities to initial set-up procedures, they make it easier for developers to get started with SK, illustrating it further with app examples from the repository.

Learn about Am I too late to become "AI ready"?

It is not too late to become "AI ready"! Microsoft has introduced Semantic Kernel (SK), a revolutionary, AI-powered software development kit (SDK) that is lightweight, user-friendly and multi-layered. It enables developers to seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into their apps. Award-winning designer and engineer, John Maeda, and deputy CTO of Microsoft, Sam Schillace, will provide an in-depth overview of SK, exploring its key functionalities and guiding users through the initial setup process. This tutorial will also include demonstrations of sample apps available in the repository. Additionally, Microsoft provides resources, tools, and frameworks to help developers get started with AI. With the right knowledge and tools, developers can easily incorporate AI into their applications and create new experiences.

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