Introduction to project ORAS
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Sep 25, 2023 4:00 PM

Introduction to project ORAS

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Join Toddy Mladenov (Cloud Native + Ecosystem) and Sajay Antony (Azure Container Registry) to learn about the ORAS project and its role in the container

Introduction to project ORAS involves Toddy Mladenov in the Cloud Native + Ecosystem and Sajay Antony from the Azure Container Registry. The ORAS project plays a significant role in the container ecosystem. The episode presents a detailed journey of the project, from its inception to how it has shaped storing artifacts in OCI registries.
Furthermore, the episode provides a demonstration of storing arbitrary artifacts in a registry. The ORAS project belongs to the open-source realm and continually updates with the latest news and features.
Next, the text introduces readers to a suite of resources on the ORAS project. The project functions under the mantel "OCI Registry As Storage".
Moreover, ORAS has a Slack Channel that brings together multiple perspectives and offers a broad knowledge sharing platform.
There is also a demonstration available, covering the functionality and features of ORAS. The timestamps in the text provide a structured breakdown of the video coverage.
From 00:00:00-00:00:30, the introduction is presented. From 00:00:30-00:02:04, it explains how the Registry works and subsequently, the history of the project. The text concludes with a live demonstration of how it functions.


Further Insights on the ORAS Project

The ORAS project embraces the Cloud Native ecosystem, contributing greatly to the advancement of Azure Container Registry.
The project's function as OCI Registry as Storage has revolutionized data storage, opening up new and efficient ways to handle large data sets.
Aside from Github, ORAS has built a vibrant community on their dedicated Slack channel, fostering idea exchange and active discussions.
The breakdown of the episode gives users a clear guide on what to expect, saving time and allowing for a targeted learning experience.

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This text introduces the ORAS project, focusing on its impact in the container ecosystem. As taught by Toddy Mladenov and Sajay Antony, the episode highlights the project's history, its influence on storing artifacts in the OCI registries, and a demonstration of storing arbitrary artifacts in a registry. Furthermore, it provides resources for more information about the open-source ORAS project, including a link to its GitHub page, Slack Channel, and other useful resources.


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