Master Microsoft 365 CLI: A Beginners Guide 2024
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May 8, 2024 5:00 PM

Master Microsoft 365 CLI: A Beginners Guide 2024

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Master CLI for Microsoft 365 with Adam Wójciks insights - Manage SharePoint & automate across platforms!

Key insights


  • The CLI for Microsoft 365 allows users to manage their Microsoft 365 tenant and SharePoint Framework projects across multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • To use the CLI for Microsoft 365, one must install it globally using npm or yarn, demonstrating its ease of access through common package managers.

  • The tool provides a straightforward method for logging into a Microsoft 365 tenant and offers comprehensive help and user guides for navigating its capabilities.

  • It is a project led by the Microsoft 365 Platform Community, which is a collaboration between Microsoft employees and community members, promoting open-source development and community contributions.

  • A community Discord server exists for users to connect, share experiences, and collaborate on the CLI for Microsoft 365, fostering a supportive environment.

Exploring the CLI for Microsoft 365

The CLI for Microsoft 365 represents a critical tool for developers and IT professionals who are looking to streamline their workflow and manage Microsoft 365 services more effectively. It transcends platform boundaries by being accessible on Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it remarkably versatile. With the ability to handle various tasks from managing settings to contributing to SharePoint Framework projects, it optimizes operations across the Microsoft ecosystem.

This versatility is enhanced by its distribution as an NPM package, ensuring that it can be easily integrated into existing development setups. The initiative, powered by the Microsoft 365 Platform Community, underscores Microsoft's commitment to community-driven development, offering an open-source tool that addresses the real needs of its users.

The support framework, including a detailed user guide, accessible installation via package managers, and an active Discord community, provides a comprehensive ecosystem for users to not only utilize the tool but to also contribute to its development. This collaborative approach not only enriches the tool but also empowers users to tailor it to their specific requirements, driving innovation within the Microsoft 365 platform.

Introduction to CLI for Microsoft 365

Adam Wójcik highlighted the Command Line Interface (CLI) for Microsoft 365 during a recent Microsoft 365 & Power Platform weekly call. This demonstration showed how the CLI allows for the management of Microsoft 365 tenant and SharePoint Framework projects across different operating systems and command-line tools.

The CLI for Microsoft 365 makes it easier to configure Microsoft 365 settings, manage SharePoint projects, and create automation scripts, regardless of the user's preferred operating system or command-line application. This inclusivity supports a wide range of developers and IT professionals.

Installation and Getting Started

To start utilizing the CLI for Microsoft 365, users must first install it globally as an NPM package. Two popular package managers, npm and yarn, can facilitate this installation process. Once installation is complete, logging into a Microsoft 365 tenant is straightforward and initiates the capability to manage settings.

For those new to the CLI or seeking to explore its full range of commands, the CLI for Microsoft 365 prompt offers a 'help' option. This, alongside the User Guide, provides comprehensive insights into leveraging the CLI for Microsoft 365 effectively.

Community Contributions and Support

The CLI for Microsoft 365 is a project within the Microsoft 365 Platform Community, comprising both Microsoft employees and community members. This initiative emphasizes collaboration and contribution, even though it operates independently of Microsoft's official support.

Contributions to the CLI for Microsoft 365 are highly encouraged through its GitHub repository, which is open to community inputs. Additionally, a community Discord server presents a platform for further engagement, discussion, and collaboration among users and contributors of the CLI for Microsoft 365.

Expanding on the Main Topic: CLI for Microsoft 365

The Command Line Interface for Microsoft 365 represents a pivotal tool for developers and IT professionals working with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Its versatility across different operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, makes it a reliable choice for a broad audience. By simplifying tasks that would otherwise require navigating through the graphical user interface of Microsoft 365 or SharePoint, the CLI enhances productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, the CLI for Microsoft 365 fosters an environment of community-driven development and support. This emphasis on open-source contribution and sharing of knowledge not only speeds up problem-solving and the introduction of new features but also nurtures a vibrant ecosystem around Microsoft's technologies. In essence, the CLI for Microsoft 365 serves as a bridge between Microsoft's vast array of technologies and the community that utilizes them, facilitating a more engaged, knowledgeable, and efficient user base.

Whether you're managing tenant settings, developing SharePoint projects, or building complex automation scripts, the CLI for Microsoft 365 offers a robust and user-friendly interface to streamline these processes. Its installation and usage are straightforward, providing quick access to a host of commands designed to make administration tasks more manageable. The availability of a comprehensive guide and a supportive community via Discord further enriches the user experience, making the CLI for Microsoft 365 an essential tool for anyone working in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.


People also ask

What is CLI for Microsoft 365?

Answer: As a Microsoft expert, I would highlight that the Office 365 CLI is a comprehensive command line interface designed for universal accessibility across different operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, as well as various shells like CMD, PowerShell, bash, and zsh. It simplifies the management of Office 365 tenants by offering a unified login experience across Office 365 workloads, making it a versatile tool for administrators.

How to access m365 CLI?

Answer: To access the Microsoft 365 CLI, users can employ the login command. This command primarily employs the device code OAuth flow for authentication to Microsoft 365. Moreover, for specific scenarios such as CI/CD pipelines, it allows for alternative authentication methods through username and password or certificates, each offering unique conveniences and considerations.

How to install Microsoft 365 CLI?

Answer: To get started with the CLI for Microsoft 365, users need to execute the installation command in their command line interface. This initial setup step is crucial for leveraging the tool for Office 365 management tasks.

What is Azure CLI used for?

Answer: The Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) stands as an essential tool for administrating Azure resources. It is a cross-platform utility that facilitates the execution of administrative commands on Azure resources directly from the terminal. This tool supports both interactive and script-based commands, making it highly versatile for various Azure management operations.



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