Viva Connections: Master the New Look Feature Quickly
Viva Connections
May 7, 2024 3:53 PM

Viva Connections: Master the New Look Feature Quickly

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Key insights



  • Viva Connections now offers a new "change the look" feature, enabling customization based on company brand for desktop and mobile experiences.
  • The video presents a detailed agenda covering aspects like the desktop experience, custom theme development, and the mobile experience.
  • Presented by Vesa Juvonen from Microsoft, viewers are encouraged to explore the newly rolled-out branding capabilities within Viva Connections.
  • Relevant resources are highlighted, including topics like UX and branding settings, custom theme generation with Fluent UI Theme Designer, and editing the Viva Connections experience.
  • Social media links and external resources related to Microsoft Viva Connections and its extensibility are provided for further learning.

Understanding Viva Connections' "Change the Look" Feature

The introduction of Viva Connections has revolutionized the way companies approach employee engagement and corporate communications. By enabling businesses to customize their digital workspace, similar technologies ensure that every interaction employees have reflects the organization's brand. This seamless integration of branding and functionality enhances the user experience on a daily basis, whether on desktop or mobile.

Technologies like this platform are pivotal in fostering a cohesive, immersive environment that aligns with corporate identity. This brand consistency not only strengthens the sense of belonging among employees but also streamlines information access and collaboration, aiding in efficient communication.

The focus on user experience is evident in the extensive customization options available, including but not limited to the creation of custom themes. Tools such as the Fluent UI Theme Designer play a crucial role in allowing organizations to achieve the desired look and feel, reflecting their brand more accurately.

The change introduced by solutions like Viva Connections is indicative of a broader trend in workplace technology - one that values personalization, efficiency, and brand cohesion. As employees navigate through their daily tasks, the importance of a platform that mirrors the company's identity becomes clear. It's not just about the aesthetics; it’s about creating a workspace that feels familiar and inviting, fostering productivity and engagement.

Introduction to the New Feature

We're thrilled to introduce the "change the look" feature in Viva Connections, now available globally. This video serves as a comprehensive guide to customizing your company's theme to align with its brand, showcasing the feature's capabilities on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Detailed Overview

  • Initial Segment: Demonstration of the desktop version.
  • Mid Segment: Introduction to the custom theme creation process.
  • Final Segment: Exploration of the mobile experience and concluding remarks.


Viva Connections - Viva Connections: Master the New Look Feature Quickly


People also ask

How do I customize my Viva Connections?

To personalize your Viva Connections, grant editing permissions within the Teams environment where Viva Connections is hosted.

What are the features of Viva Connection?

Viva Connections excels in providing timely updates to appropriate individuals through its advanced targeting and scheduling features. It harmonizes with SharePoint news to curate a custom feed for users, leveraging post-level targeting tailored to the specific groups a user is part of.

What happened to Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft has decided to retire Viva Topics on February 22, 2025, and has ceased investment in the development of new features for Viva Topics as of February 22, 2024.

What is the difference between Viva Connections and SharePoint?

While SharePoint serves as a robust platform for collaboration and content management, Viva Connections offers a set of tools and functionalities aimed at enhancing intra-company employee collaboration.



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