Explore Features of Windows Copilot 2023
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Sep 25, 2023 10:00 AM

Explore Features of Windows Copilot 2023

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Discover the latest from Microsoft - Windows Copilot 2023! AI-powered features, updated File Explorer, or unique stylus functions, all on Windows 11.

AI-Powered Windows Copilot in Windows 11 Update

2toLead introduces the new AI-powered Windows Copilot feature in the much-anticipated Windows 11 update, which Microsoft is set to release on September 26th, contrary to the initial expectation of a limited Copilot experience to Microsoft 365 and Viva. The update also brings a redesigned File Explorer, Ink Anywhere - a new feature for pen users, significant Paint app upgrades, and more.

  • Windows Copilot, as the update's highlight feature, offers seamless Bing Chat functionality on the Windows 11 desktop through a sidebar that enables PC settings control, app launches, and more.
  • Stylus users are in for a treat too through the Ink Anywhere feature that automatically converts handwritten texts to digital texts.
  • File Explorer gets a modern look with a fresh UI that offers a modern home interface with large file thumbnails and a recent files and favorited files displaying carousel interface.
  • The Windows Backup app also gets an improvement and can now backup your PC for straightforward migration to a new device.
  • The Snipping Tool gets a new copy text feature that can identify text in screenshots and share it in apps.
  • Users will also be able to apply background blur, highlight subjects, and adjust the blur intensity or the blurred out areas through the Photos app for Windows 11.

However, some big changes to Windows 11 such as the native RAR and 7-zip support and Dynamic Lighting didn't make it into this update, hinting at a possible unveiling in the forthcoming 23H2 update.

Note: Recently, Microsoft confirmed through a blog post that this Windows 11 update will be an update to 22H2, instead of the initially anticipated 23H2 update.

Further Insight on Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot is an impressive feature introduced in the Windows 11 update. It mirrors Bing Chat functionalities directly on the Windows 11 Desktop. It is displayed on Windows 11 as a sidebar and provides a platform for you to control settings on a PC, launch applications, or inquire about PC-related matters. Copilot integrates well with the OS, ensuring easy and efficient usage. By leveraging data from your calendar to write text messages or providing navigation options in Outlook, it enhances user productivity and experience. While Microsoft shut down the Cortana app last month, this latest push with Copilot in Windows 11, built upon technologies behind Bing Chat, has great prospects.

Learn about Introducing Windows Copilot 2023


In this video, the upcoming Windows 11 update, set to launch on September 26th, is introduced. The highlight of this update is the AI-powered Windows Copilot feature, extending the capabilities of Microsoft's existing digital assistant services.

  • Windows Copilot integrates extensively within the operating system, engaging in a variety of activities including controlling PC settings, launching apps, and answering user queries. Utilizing Copilot, users can even write text messages using data from their calendar, navigate options in Outlook, and much more.
  • The new update succeeds the Cortana app and is powered by technologies employed in Bing Chat, enabling users to ask real questions and receive answers accordingly.
  • Various other features are introduced in this release. File Explorer has been redesigned, ensuring it better aligns with the overall Windows 11 design. Its new updated UI improves the user's interaction with recent and favourited files.
  • The 'Ink Anywhere' feature has been added for stylus users. This feature allows users to handwrite with the Surface Pen or other styluses in any textbox, with the operating system converting the handwriting to text.
  • The Windows Backup app has been updated to effectively help users migrate to new devices, enabling the automatic replication of existing settings to a new PC via cloud backup.
  • There are also improvements to the Snipping Tool, and apps from the Microsoft Store will be automatically restored.

To further explore this topic, one can attend Microsoft's official training courses or online tutorials available on platforms like Udemy and Coursera. Relevant courses to consider include 'Windows 11 Fundamentals', 'AI and Windows', and 'Windows 11 Update: A complete Guide'.

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