Explore Latest Features in Microsoft Entra 2024 Update
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Microsoft Entra
Apr 16, 2024 3:00 PM

Explore Latest Features in Microsoft Entra 2024 Update

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Stay Updated: Explore Whats New in Microsoft Entra for Enhanced Identity Security!

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  • Introduction of "What's New" in Microsoft Entra offers a centralized view of roadmap and change announcements for better transparency.
  • Exclusive to the Microsoft Entra admin center, urging administrators to migrate for comprehensive management of identity and network access solutions.
  • "Highlights" tab simplifies discovering key product launches and significant changes, improving ease of access to important updates.
  • The "Roadmap" and "Change Announcements" tabs provide detailed insights into upcoming releases and existing feature modifications.
  • Future plans include further enhancement of the transparency and user experience regarding Entra product updates, with an invitation for user feedback.

Exploring the Evolution of Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra signifies a critical leap forward in Microsoft's approach to identity and network access management. This evolution comes as a response to the increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape, where organizations demand clear and actionable insights into how product changes may affect their operations. The introduction of the "What's New" feature within the Microsoft Entra admin center epitomizes the company's commitment to delivering transparency and facilitating a deeper understanding of its identity and access management (IAM) solutions. Not just a tool for admins, this initiative is a strategic move towards empowering organizations with the knowledge they need to navigate the challenges of modern IT environments. As Microsoft continues to refine these offerings, the focus on user feedback highlights an adaptive approach to technology development, ensuring that the solutions evolve to meet the dynamic needs of users around the globe.



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Microsoft Entra - Explore Latest Features in Microsoft Entra 2024 Update


People also ask

What are the new features of Entra ID?

Entra ID enhances the user experience by introducing a centralized platform for governing user identities. It emphasizes on strengthening security through adaptive access controls and identity protection mechanisms. Additionally, it enables synchronization across different tenants, marking a significant improvement in its feature set.

Is Microsoft Entra new?

Microsoft Entra ID represents the evolution and rebranding of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This transition to Microsoft Entra ID involves the introduction of a new product icon and updates across Microsoft's interfaces, with the transition expected to be finalized by mid-November of the current year.

What is the use of Microsoft Entra?

Microsoft Entra ID Free edition offers an array of functions including management of users and groups, synchronization with on-premises directories, access to basic reports, the capability for cloud users to change passwords on their own, and single sign-on capabilities across Azure, Microsoft 365, and a wide range of popular SaaS applications.

What is Microsoft Entra vs Azure AD?

Microsoft Entra ID is essentially the rebranded version of Azure AD, signifying a shift in nomenclature from Azure Active Directory, Azure AD, and AAD to Microsoft Entra ID. This rebranding situates Microsoft Entra ID within the larger family of Microsoft Entra products, which are geared towards offering comprehensive solutions for identity and network access management.



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