Unlock Insights: New Microsoft Purview Audit Graph API
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Apr 19, 2024 10:05 PM

Unlock Insights: New Microsoft Purview Audit Graph API

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Elevate Security with Microsoft Purview Audits New Graph API - Protect, Monitor, Comply Seamlessly!

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  • Microsoft Purview Audit offers a comprehensive solution for organizations to enhance their security, investigative, and compliance capabilities.
  • The Unified Audit Log records thousands of user and admin operations across various Microsoft 365 services, providing valuable insight for security and compliance teams.
  • The introduction of the Microsoft Purview Audit Search Graph API, set to launch in June 2024, aims to improve audit log search functionality with enhanced completeness, reliability, and performance.
  • This new API offers a more efficient alternative to the existing Search-UnifiedAuditLog PowerShell cmdlet, featuring asynchronous audit searches, granular permissions, and the ability to programmatically filter audit logs.
  • Microsoft encourages users to transition from the existing cmdlet to the new Audit Search Graph API to benefit from its improvements, and provides a free trial in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal for new users.


Exploring the Advancements in Microsoft Purview Audit

The realm of cybersecurity and compliance is evolving rapidly, and organizations are consistently on the lookout for tools that can bolster their defenses against security threats while ensuring regulatory conformity. Microsoft's introduction of the Microsoft Purview Audit offers a robust solution tailored to meet these demands.

Today, Microsoft is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Microsoft Purview Audit Search Graph API. This new API, which is currently in Public Preview and will be Generally Available by June 2024, offers a programmatically way to search and retrieve relevant audit logs with improvements in search completeness, reliability, and performance.

  • The API offers an asynchronous Audit search experience with support for automation – accessible by both users and applications
  • A more reliable Audit search experience with fewer timeouts and improved search completeness
  • New granular permissions have been introduced for the Audit workloads which allow you to grant workload-scoped access to your security admins for the very first time
  • Ability to programmatically filter Audit logs using 10 parameters with 4 new filter options to be added soon

The new API allows you to scope access to Audit logs at a workload level for the very first time. The following seven permissions have been introduced, covering Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Entra, and all Audit Logs.

This initiative not only marks an advancement in technology but also encapsulates Microsoft's vision for a more secure and compliant digital environment. As organizations continue to navigate through the complexities of the digital age, solutions like the Microsoft Purview Audit become indispensable in ensuring a resilient and compliant operational framework.

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Microsoft Purview - Unlock Insights: New Microsoft Purview Audit Graph API

People also ask

What is Microsoft purview audit?

Microsoft Purview Audit (Standard) equips organizations with the capability to log and search user activities for various purposes, including forensic, IT, compliance, and legal investigations. This feature is activated by default in organizations that hold the necessary subscription.

What is the Microsoft Graph API used for?

The Microsoft Graph offers an interface for accessing data spread across various Microsoft 365 services, allowing developers to craft applications that leverage this data to boost organizational productivity.

What is an audit log in Office 365?

In Office 365, the unified audit log serves as a comprehensive record of activities pertaining to users, groups, applications, domains, and directories occurring within the Microsoft 365 admin center or the Azure management portal.

What is the difference between FileAccessed and FileAccessedExtended?

FileAccessed and FileAccessedExtended denote activity types within the context of file access. The latter, FileAccessedExtended, captures events where a file has been accessed by the same individual for an extended duration, lasting up to three hours.



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