Introducing SharePoint Premium for IT Admins
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Mar 31, 2024 7:12 PM

Introducing SharePoint Premium for IT Admins

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Unlock the Power of AI with SharePoint Premium: Enhanced Security & Automation for IT Admins

Key insights


  • Introducing SharePoint Premium: A cutting-edge AI content management solution designed to assist IT Admins in managing and protecting content throughout its lifecycle.
  • Enhanced by Microsoft Syntex: SharePoint Premium advances content management and experiences by integrating AI, automation, and additional security, preparing content for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.
  • Maximize Content Value: Facilitates businesses in maximizing their content's value through enhanced security and structure.
  • Adoption Support Available: Offers access to a plethora of free online resources, templates, and tools to aid organizations and IT professionals in effective adoption and engagement.
  • Emphasis on Good Governance: Encourages using IT-friendly resources for securing and managing content, as well as understanding usage analytics with SharePoint Premium.

About SharePoint Premium

In the modern digital workspace, managing and securing content have become paramount. With the introduction of SharePoint Premium, IT Admins now have a powerful tool at their disposal to navigate these challenges. This cutting-edge platform, building on the foundation laid by Microsoft Syntex, injects AI and automation into the realm of content management.

One of the standout features of SharePoint Premium is its ability to enhance engagement with crucial business content. By employing AI-driven tools and analytics, the platform ensures that content is not only secure but also efficiently managed throughout its lifecycle. This proactive approach to content management prepares organizations for future advancements, such as the integration with Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Adoption support, another key benefit of SharePoint Premium, simplifies the transition for businesses. Through a wealth of resources, including templates and online content, organizations are better positioned to leverage the platform's capabilities fully. This support network is crucial for fostering a culture of continuous engagement and learning.



Introducing SharePoint Premium for IT Admins: Discover the advanced AI content management solution designed to empower businesses. SharePoint Premium equips IT Admins with the tools to proficiently manage and safeguard content throughout its entire lifecycle.

This innovative platform, an evolution of Microsoft Syntex, incorporates AI, automation, and enhanced security features. It seeks to revolutionize how businesses handle their most vital content from creation to archiving. Moreover, SharePoint Premium facilitates the preparation of content for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, ushering in a new era of productivity with AI assistance.

Adoption doesn't have to be a solitary journey. SharePoint Premium users gain access to an array of free online resources, including content, templates, and tools. These resources are crafted to assist organizations in enhancing engagement and optimizing the use of the platform.

For IT professionals, effective adoption is rooted in robust governance. SharePoint Premium provides IT-centric tools that aid in the secure management and analysis of content usage. Such resources are pivotal for maintaining the integrity and security of business content.

Are you ready to delve deeper into what SharePoint Premium has to offer? This platform is positioned to be a game-changer for IT Admins and businesses seeking to leverage advanced AI for content management. With its emphasis on security, structure, and AI integration, SharePoint Premium is setting a new standard for content management systems.



People also ask

What is SharePoint premium?

Microsoft SharePoint Premium is introduced as a fusion of SharePoint and Syntex features, offering AI-driven capabilities to enhance user empowerment, scale workflow automation, and tailor content for AI integration, including Microsoft Copilot within Microsoft 365.

Is SharePoint going away 2024?

Microsoft is focusing on enhancing the SharePoint Framework and has announced the retirement of SharePoint Add-Ins. From July 1, 2024, these Add-Ins will no longer be installable from the public marketplace. However, installations from a private tenant catalog will continue to be supported.

How do I grant admin access to SharePoint?

To grant someone SharePoint Online Administrator access, locate and select the user, then navigate to “Manage Roles” on the toolbar. In the pane that appears, choose “Admin Center Access” and select the “SharePoint Admin” checkbox. Confirm the changes by clicking the “Save Changes” button.

What is the role of a SharePoint administrator?

A SharePoint Administrator is entrusted with access to the SharePoint admin center, enabling them to create and manage sites, assign site admins, adjust sharing settings, and oversee Microsoft 365 groups. This includes the creation, deletion, and restoration of groups, as well as modifying group owners.



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