Introducing Python in Excel
Aug 23, 2023 8:30 AM

Introducing Python in Excel

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You can use Python INSIDE Excel now. In this video I'll introduce this game change

Python is now available within Excel as a new functionality, aiming to transform data analysis processes. Excel users who are also members of Microsoft 365 Insiders can find the Python feature in the 'Insert' tab in the Excel Ribbon. The Python libraries includ pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, statsmodels, and NumPy are ready for use in Excel. Users can import any other required libraries using the import statement. Practically, Python in Excel can transform data into a dataframe for complex tasks like querying, unpivoting data, or creating charts. Python can also retrieve URLs from long texts using the regex library, and it is compatible with Power Query. This only scratches the surface of Python's potential use within Excel as numerous possibilities are yet to be explored.

  • Python in Excel is a game changing new functionality.
  • Python can be found in the Insert tab in the Excel Ribbon for Microsoft 365 Insiders.
  • Pre-prepared Python libraries such as pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, statsmodels, and NumPy are readily available in Excel.
  • Other libraries can be imported as needed using the import statement.
  • Data can be transformed into a dataframe for complex tasks such as querying and unpivoting data or creating charts.
  • The regex library in Python can extract URLs from long texts.
  • Python is also compatible with Power Query.

A Deeper Look into The Use of Python in Excel

With the introduction of Python into Excel, data analysts can now leverage the coding capabilities that Python offers directly within Excel. Libraries like pandas and NumPy can be used to manipulate data in various ways, such as transforming data into dataframes. The matplotlib library allows for the creation of various types of charts. Moreover, the feature enables the extraction of specific elements from data, like URLs using regex. Importantly, Python in Excel augments Excel's existing functionality rather than replacing it. For instance, it enables better collaboration with Power Query - a data connection technology that enables you to discover, connect, combine, and refine data across a wide variety of sources.

Learn about Introducing Python in Excel 

Python in Excel is a powerful new functionality in Microsoft 365 Insiders that allows users to utilize the Python programming language within Excel. This opens up a world of possibilities for non-programmers and data analysts, such as using the pandas library to turn data into a dataframe and query the data, using matplotlib to create charts and plots, using seaborn and statsmodels for more complex analyses, and using NumPy for calculations. Users can also import other libraries as needed, and use Python together with Power Query.

With this new feature, users can do things like unpivot data, grab URLs from text, create line, area, and small multiple charts, and use the regex library for REGEX calculations. These are just a few of the possibilities opened up by Python in Excel.

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