Introducing Open Book in Microsoft Exams - All you need to know!
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Oct 17, 2023 6:00 AM

Introducing Open Book in Microsoft Exams - All you need to know!

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Explore the updated Microsoft exam experience! This guide provides insights about accessing during role-based certification tests.

Under the mentorship of "Peter Rising [MVP]", a new exciting update about Microsoft examinations has been unveiled through a resourceful YouTube video. The highlight of this update is the 'Open-Book' concept, allowing the examinees to refer to the platform while they undertake role-based certifications for Microsoft. This single-handedly transforms the conventional examination experience.

Given the formidable nature of these exams, even the most astute candidates can benefit from this change. The added resources provide a reaffirming presence to the answers subsequently enhancing their confidence. And truth be told, not everyone is blessed with a photographic memory. The minor nuances between lines of PowerShell can indeed become blurred.

The above-mentioned platform contains all necessary study resources and tools which will prove instrumental in successfully tackling the exam questions. The innovative examination approach extends exclusively to role-based certifications only and excludes fundamentals. Pre-exam preparatory time, however, has not seen any extensions, as the exam timeline remains the same.

Introducing a new resource for all role-based Microsoft Certification exams

Open Questions for Microsoft 

While this resource is a valuable tool, it's not the ultimate solution to every question on the exam. The exam design remains unchanged. The focus on solving real-world problems using existing knowledge and experience remains primary. Naturally, the occasional research on Microsoft learn happens to be a beneficiary accompaniment.

The feature allows examinees to access Microsoft Learn by clicking on the designated button, subsequently opening it in a split-screen. Navigation through the website remains normally functional, with an option for full-screen view as well. However, access to Q&A and personal profiles has not been granted.

To utilize this feature, a select icon must be clicked on the question screen to open up Microsoft Learn. The facility of launching multiple tabs and navigation through different site portions has been provided barring the Q&A section or personal profiling which remain inaccessible. Web browsing outside the Microsoft Learn domain prompts a message indicating the site is blocked.

Embarking on an evolving learning journey

Interestingly, Microsoft is constantly striving to enhance the exam experience by predicting and overcoming possible obstacles. This ethos means that there's always room for improvement, showcasing their conviction to empower your journey towards Microsoft certification.

For the foreseeable future, it's expected that more such significant improvements will be rolled out. Prospective candidates are encouraged to exploit the benefits of the newly introduced resources, the next time they opt for a role-based or specialty certification program. The introduction of these auxiliary resources makes Microsoft one of the most accessible certification programs globally.

With the eye on evolving learner demands, the software giant continues to bring big enchancements to the table. Consistently fine-tuning the certification experience, Microsoft stands firm on its commitment to foster an environment that encourages continual learning and development.

Open Book in Microsoft Exams - All you need to know!

In the given video, we glean insights into the remarkable transformation of the Microsoft certification experience via Open Book Exams. This extraordinary tool allows learners to access during their Microsoft role-based certifications, in a diplomatic effort to assuage candidates' exam anxieties, as well as reinforce their knowledge spaces.
Equipped with this new method, candidates no longer have to fret about remembering vast details, such as, PowerShell commands which could appear quite alike.

Expressly, the video demonstrates how to navigate the exam experience with Open Book Exams. This powerful tool is yet another step Microsoft has taken in enhancing the overall exam experience, intending to lend a helping hand for those distressing moments when one needs to look up some information on 'Microsoft Learn'. It's key to note that while this resource is made available, it's purely auxiliary; the exam structure and format remain the same.

Upon activation, the 'Microsoft Learn' button will avail a split screen. Here, you can freely peruse the website and even maximize it to full screen if you prefer. The exclusions to this great tool are the Q&A and personal profile sections. Its use doesn't add additional time to the exam; instead, the timer continues as one utilizes it. Also, fundamental exams are not granted this privilege.
This service covers all role-based as well as specialty exams in all available languages. Web browsing remains confined to the 'Microsoft Learn' domain, with any attempt to navigate other domains meeting a site-blocked prompt.
To ensure ease of use, you can manipulate the display of the split screen to your liking. The screen can be adjusted to divide the exam question and the 'Microsoft Learn' screens according to your preference.

One should also be aware that there's no alteration in the way exam questions are presented. The questions will continue to challenge your problem-solving skills and real-world experience. The newly introduced tool is not intended to substitute your knowledge base but rather to assist when you need to confirm a piece of information.
Candidates will extrinsically appreciate this approach as certifications have evolved over the past 30 years, embodying cutting-edge technical expertise. These role-based certifications range from the associate level to expert and specialty levels.

The transformative step in the world of 'Microsoft Certifications' is designed to enhance the individuals' user experience. You can view a full demonstration of this innovation on the Microsoft new exam resource video.
Microsoft continues to invest in making the certification process more manageable by introducing numerous improvements. The aim is to make the certification program accessible to a wider audience and to motivate more people to become certified role-based or specialty 'Microsoft Certification' exam takers.


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