Microsoft Viva Engage: Advanced Employee Engagement Platform
Viva Engage (Yammer)
Oct 19, 2022 7:07 PM

Microsoft Viva Engage: Advanced Employee Engagement Platform

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Explore Microsoft Viva Engage, the latest innovation in employee engagement to foster high-performing teams and community culture.

Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage: Elevating Employee Connection

The era of hybrid and remote work has challenged the connection between individuals and their organizations, narrowing the sense of community, connection, and inspiration in daily work. Engaging employees in this new working environment becomes a task for leaders, with 43% of them considering relationship-building as the greatest challenge of hybrid and remote work according to our Work Trends Index.

To address this concern, Microsoft has introduced a platform named Viva Engage. This is the newest app in the Viva suite, primed to help employees and teams feel more connected, included, and able to express their voices. By giving leaders a fresh tool to shape company culture, it aims to enhance communication and engagement opportunities across the board.

Viva Engage is built on the solid foundation of Yammer, providing a platform for individuals across an organization to connect with their leaders and peers, addressing their inquiries, sharing their experiences, and fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace. With built-in engagement features, it opens pathways for a more connected, collaborative, and engaged workspace. More Information

Prominent Features of Viva Engage

This social application lays emphasis on digital communities, conversations, and self-expression tools, which are existing features of the Communities app for Teams and Microsoft 365. Viva Engage strives to enhance connections and empower everyone to contribute to workplace discussions. Features such as virtual events, pinned conversations, and announcements make it a convenient platform for leaders to share news and model the company culture.

As for employees, it enables them to build communities and professional networks, share their work, and find answers to their queries. With tools like storyline and stories, Best Answers, and @mentions, it encourages employee engagement and fosters a tight-knit community at work. On this platform, users can share posts including various types of content such as links, files, photos, and videos, all of which get displayed in the Storylines tab – an AI-powered feed from people in your network.

Additionally, users can share short videos or photos, called stories, to update, celebrate or highlight experiences at work. These stories are easily discoverable in Microsoft apps like Outlook, Teams, and Yammer, enabling better connection and interaction amongst employees.

The Availability of Viva Engage:

Viva Engage is available on all platforms including web, desktop, and Microsoft Teams mobile apps. Being a part of the Viva suite, it aims to enhance the overall employee experience at no extra cost to Microsoft 365 commercial customers. The app will be available to Yammer license holders and the existing communities app for Teams will be rebranded as Viva Engage by late August.


In conclusion, Microsoft's Viva Engage acts as a stepping-stone towards creating an engaged and connected workspace in today’s hybrid work environment. It comes with a plethora of tools that facilitate communication, collaboration, and camaraderie among employees, thereby promising a more inclusive and engaging work experience. Not only does it offer various features that promote self-expression and professional growth within the organization, but it also provides leaders with a platform to model company culture and engage in meaningful dialogues with their teams.

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Viva Engage (Yammer) - Microsoft Viva Engage: Advanced Employee Engagement Platform

Learn about Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage: Next-Level Employee Engagement Platform

In our technology-driven era, it's critical to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements. As businesses navigate the challenges of hybrid and remote work, maintaining work relationships and promoting a sense of connection becomes an increasingly important priority for leaders. Enter Microsoft's new employee engagement platform Viva Engage.

According to their Work Trends Index, 43% of leaders believe that fostering relationship-building in the team is the biggest challenge in remote work. Fortunately, this solution is now offering much-needed assistance. By channeling communication and boosting engagement opportunities, it aids in establishing a nurturing organizational culture. To delve deeper into this, you should consider enrolling in online training courses on digital group learning and communities, employee engagement, and MS service navigation.

Introduction to the New tool: Viva Engage

Viva Engage, a social application for digital communities, promotes healthy conversations and encourages self-expression. As an integral part of the suite, it takes part in connecting employees and empowering everyone to express themselves through meeting people where they are in other Microsoft products.

Built on the backbone of Yammer, this tool brings employees across the organization together, allowing them to connect with peers, seek answers to questions, share personal stories and create a sense of belonging at work.

The digital tool presents various versatile functionalities catering to leaders and employees alike. The leaders can share company news, model organizational culture, communicate with employees and partake in discussions. The employees, on the other hand, can form communities, disseminate their work, and find answers to their questions. With features like Best Answers, pinned topics and conversations, and announcements across multiple platforms, it is indeed shaping the future of digital workplaces.

Insights into Viva Engage features:

One remarkable feature of the Engage tool is the Storylines tab which provides an AI-powered feed of posts from individuals you follow. Here, employees can create rich posts that reach colleagues across other MS services, fostering engagement and connectivity among team members. An option to create or upload short videos or photos as stories allows employees to amplify existing content and celebrate milestones.

Another noteworthy aspect is that stories land at the top of the storyline in a carousel and show up in popular MS services like Outlook for better visibility and easy discoverability. If you're an iOS or Android user, you can install and pin Engage to see it in the web, desktop as well as mobile versions of collaborative platforms and start sharing right away.

Engage is a complimentary inclusion within the current MS suite for commercial customers. However, users need to have a license to use the app. By late August, the Community app for Teams will be rechristened as Engage and no action from the admins would be necessary.

For those interested in further understanding this new addition to the suite, there are many digital articles available offering more detailed insights.

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