New Microsoft Loop Update: Enhanced Filters for Tables & Boards
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Apr 17, 2024 11:00 AM

New Microsoft Loop Update: Enhanced Filters for Tables & Boards

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Elevate Productivity with New Filters in Microsoft Loop Tables & Boards!

Key insights



  • Microsoft 365 Insiders now have access to filters within Loop Tables and Boards to quickly locate and access pertinent information.
  • Filters allow for the creation of one or more rules based on column, condition, and value, enhancing the ability to gain insights from large data sets.
  • The new filter feature supports persistence across different layouts, maintaining applied filters when switching between Table and Board views.
  • Filters are not only limited to Loop Tables and Boards but are also applicable to Task Lists and integrations like JIRA, GitHub, and Trello.
  • The feature is available to all Microsoft 365 subscribers, expanding the utility and flexibility of Microsoft Loop for users.


Enhanced Productivity with Microsoft Loop Filters

Microsoft Loop, the dynamic workspace for teams, just introduced an essential update that significantly boosts productivity and data management efficiency. By integrating filters into Loop Tables and Boards, Microsoft has provided a way for users to streamline their workflow and focus on relevant information, irrespective of the data volume. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with extensive data, allowing for a more organized and targeted approach to information retrieval and insights generation.

How it works:
- Go to Microsoft Loop.
- Select a table-based component in an existing Loop page or create one.
- Select Filters from the operations bar at the top of the Table.

Creating rules for filters is straightforward, involving the selection of a column, condition, and value. This flexibility ensures users can precisely tailor the data they see, based on their immediate needs. The persistent nature of these filters across different views underscores Microsoft's commitment to a seamless user experience, facilitating continuity in work processes regardless of layout changes.

Moreover, the feature's availability to all Microsoft 365 subscribers democratizes access to advanced data management tools, reaffirming Microsoft Loop's position as a critical resource for collaborative efforts. Whether it's managing tasks, overseeing projects across various platforms like JIRA, GitHub, and Trello, or simply organizing information, Loop's new filtering capability enhances the platform's utility and aligns with modern workflow requirements.


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Loop - New Microsoft Loop Update: Enhanced Filters for Tables & Boards


Expanding the Horizon of Microsoft Loop

The recent introduction of filters to Microsoft Loop is a leap forward in enhancing data accessibility and management within collaborative spaces. Microsoft Loop, synonymous with flexibility and interactivity, now enables users to sift through vast quantities of data effortlessly. By delivering targeted information at the right moment, these filters significantly improve productivity and collaboration across teams.

Loop, designed for both Tables and Boards, showcases Microsoft's commitment to evolving user experience. The filter feature--easy to implement and universally applicable across tables, boards, or integrated components like Task Lists--demonstrates Loop's adaptability in various scenarios.

People also ask

"How do I filter in Microsoft loop?"

The desired filtering within Microsoft Loop can be accomplished through a series of steps outlined for achieving specific filtration goals.

"What is the best use of Microsoft loop?"

Microsoft Loop shines as a tool for pooling ideas, conducting research, and soliciting feedback from team members. It facilitates collaboration on documents, enables the creation of visualizations, and supports the gathering of insights during brainstorming endeavors.

"How do you add a table in Microsoft loop?"

To add a table in Microsoft Loop, one should navigate to, choose or create a table-based component within an existing Loop page, access the ellipses menu, select 'Table rules,' specify the desired trigger, condition, and action, and then continue with the setup.

"Is Microsoft loop part of Office 365?"

For accessing the full suite of Loop application features, individuals with workplace accounts (Microsoft Entra accounts) are required to be subscribed to one of the designated Microsoft 365 plans, which include Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, or Microsoft 365 E3.



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