Microsoft Forms Unveils New Copilot Feature - Learn More!
Mar 18, 2024 12:00 PM

Microsoft Forms Unveils New Copilot Feature - Learn More!

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Elevate Your Form Creation with Copilot in Microsoft Forms - AI Simplifies Surveys & Polls Design!

Key insights

  • Copilot feature now available in Microsoft Forms enables users to simply describe their desired form, generating a well-designed draft effortlessly.
  • A detailed video demonstration showcases the process from describing the form to Copilot, generating the draft based on user input, to fine-tuning and design suggestion stages.
  • Copilot in Forms will be accessible for commercial customers including Enterprise, SMB, and EDU, requiring a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license.
  • Users have the flexibility to refine the form draft by adding or removing questions and choosing design suggestions that match the form’s topic.
  • Language support includes English, Spanish, Japanese, among others, with plans to expand to 17 additional languages soon, broadening the tool's accessibility.

Revolutionizing Form Creation with Microsoft's Copilot

The introduction of Copilot in Microsoft Forms marks a pivotal advancement in automating and simplifying the process of creating surveys, polls, and forms. This groundbreaking feature empowers users by translating simple descriptions of desired forms into ready-to-use drafts, substantially reducing the time and effort typically associated with form creation. By incorporating AI technology, Copilot not only generates drafts based on user input but also provides options for customization and design optimization, ensuring each form is tailored to its intended purpose and audience. Available initially for commercial users with a requisite license, this innovation showcases Microsoft's commitment to enhancing productivity tools with intelligent solutions. As it expands to support more languages and user segments, Copilot in Microsoft Forms is poised to become an indispensable tool in gathering and managing feedback across diverse contexts.

Introducing Copilot in Microsoft Forms
Exciting news for users of Microsoft Forms as the Copilot feature has been unveiled. Now, it's incredibly simple to have a form drafted for you by simply describing what you need to Copilot.

The newly introduced Copilot in Forms serves as an AI assistant that helps in creating surveys, polls, and forms with ease. Available from early March for commercial customers, this feature promises to revolutionize the way forms are created by generating well-designed drafts from simple descriptions.

Daniel Christian's video tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on how Copilot operates. Viewers are shown how to access Copilot, review its features, test existing prompts, create new ones, and fine-tune drafts to fit specific needs.

Copilot in Forms leverages user input to generate drafts. Users can provide the AI with details such as the context, purpose, intended audience, and specific requirements of the form. Copilot then uses this information to generate a draft, which can be refined by adding or removing questions.

In addition to creating the form, Copilot offers design suggestions that align with the form's topic. This allows for a more customized and appealing presentation of the form to end users. The choice of themes adds to the user-friendly experience that Copilot aims to provide.

Currently, Copilot in Forms supports a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, and several others, with plans to expand to 17 more languages soon. However, it's worth noting that Copilot is currently limited to forms functionality but will include quizzes in the near future.

As part of Copilot for Microsoft 365, Copilot in Forms requires a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license for access. It's initially being rolled out to commercial customers, including Enterprise, SMB, and EDU sectors. Consumer support is expected to follow shortly, requiring a Copilot Pro license.

Copilot in Forms signifies a substantial leap forward in making form creation more accessible and efficient. It does so by automating the draft generation process and providing customizable design options. This feature is a testament to Microsoft's ongoing commitment to enhancing productivity tools with AI technology.

Expanding the Horizons with Copilot in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft's introduction of Copilot into its Forms application represents a significant advancement in leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline workflow and improve efficiency in form creation. This feature empowers users to generate drafts for surveys, polls, and forms by merely describing their needs, thereby saving time and simplifying the design process.

The functionality of Copilot extends beyond just drafting forms; it includes the ability to fine-tune these drafts based on user feedback and provide design suggestions tailored to the form's topic. This level of customization ensures that not only are the forms functionally appropriate, but they also carry an aesthetic appeal aligned with their purpose.

With the integration of Copilot in Forms, Microsoft sets a precedent for AI's role in administrative tasks. By automating processes that traditionally required manual input and design considerations, Copilot allows users to focus more on the content and less on the form creation mechanics.

The tool's multilingual support, with more languages on the way, ensures a wider accessibility and utility across the globe. Although currently available for commercial users, the anticipated rollout to consumer users underscores the potential Copilot holds for broader applications in personal and educational settings.

The forthcoming expansion to include quizzes indicates a continuous development trajectory for Copilot in Forms, promising an even more versatile tool in the future. The integration of AI like Copilot in everyday tools such as Microsoft Forms underscores the transformative potential of technology in enhancing productivity and creativity in professional and personal settings.

In conclusion, Copilot in Microsoft Forms not only simplifies form creation but also reshapes the approach towards administrative tasks by incorporating AI. This marks a step forward in making technology more adaptable and user-friendly, catering to the evolving needs of users across various sectors.


People also ask

How do I activate Microsoft Copilot?

The activation process involves specific steps to follow for enabling Microsoft Copilot.

How do I add a Copilot to MS Teams?

In MS Teams, navigate to the left side to choose a team and then select a particular channel within that team. To see the complete conversation in a channel discussion, click the link below the post to reveal all replies. From this detailed channel post view, the option to 'Open Copilot' can be found in the upper-right corner of the channel's interface.

Is Copilot available in Microsoft?

Microsoft has made Copilot for Microsoft 365 widely accessible to enterprise clients as of November 1, 2023. Educational staff received access on January 1, 2024. Additionally, Copilot Pro is now an option for purchase by Microsoft 365 Personal and Family members.

How do I add a co-author in Microsoft Forms?

To collaborate on a form or quiz, it should be shared with the intended co-author for joint work on the project.


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