Interactive Educational Game on Azure Learning Adventure
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Interactive Educational Game on Azure Learning Adventure

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Unleash your potential with Azure Adventure - An engaging, interactive RPG game that revolutionizes learning Microsoft Azure.

Topic Overview: Azure Adventure - An Interactive Learning Game

Azure Adventure is a novel educational game designed for students to learn about Microsoft Azure in an entertaining manner. The blog post elaborates on various nuances of Azure Adventure, a unique HTML5 RPG game developed on Azure Automatic Grading Engine's latest version. Students interact with non-player characters (NPC), who assign Azure tasks. By completing these tasks on a set timeline, students can earn coins in the game.

The writer discusses the improvements made to the 2022 Microsoft Azure Automatic Grading Engine, listing specifics such as upgrading to .Net 6.0 and refactoring the code. The game utilizes Azure Functions to upgrade the unit testing process, making it more efficient and eliminating the necessity for recompilation. Further enhancements of the Grading Engine, such as the GameTaskGeneratorConsoleApp project are also mentioned.

The Azure Adventure is a fine example of blending in Reactjs and Azure Static Web Apps. The blog concludes by mentioning that Azure Adventure development will incorporate the Azure Cloud Lab Environment in the future, acknowledging the contributions made by a team of developers.

Extended Insights:

Azure Adventure provides an intriguing blend of education and entertainment, tapping into the practical and engaging nature of learning. The game essentially focuses on interactive cloud debugging, mimicking contemporary platforms like AWS Game Day and Google Cloud Hero. This hands-on approach is designed to give students an overall knowledge of Azure, boosting their self-esteem and motivating them to polish their Azure skills.

The game gathers momentum through various tasks, NPC discussions, and timebound challenges. Each aspect of the game has been ingeniously designed to align with the Azure ecosystem's dynamism.

Moreover, the adoption of .Net 6.0 and code refactoring reflects the developer's commitment towards keeping up with the latest trends in technology. The inclusion of the GameTaskGeneratorConsoleApp project certainly strengthens their intent of enhancing the game further.

Through Azure Adventure, students get an opportunity to not just understand Azure but also engage in a community that shares the common pursuit of knowledge. The game has the potential to revitalize educational gaming in the Azure community, keeping students invested in their studies while also having fun.


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Learn about Interactive Learning with Azure Adventure - Educational Game

A new educational game named Azure Adventure, an open-source HTML5 RPG game built on Azure Automatic Grading Engine, aims to gamify learning about Microsoft Azure. It is a practical and engaging way for students to learn how cloud development works. Non-player characters (NPCs) provide Azure tasks which, if completed within a set time period, allow the students to earn coins in the game.

  • The game includes an updated version of the Microsoft Azure Automatic Grading Engine with several improvements including upgrading to .Net 6.0, removing the need for students to run certain commands, and introducing new ones.
  • Several other changes have been implemented such as running the grader NUnit test executable in File share mounted to Azure Function. This allows for updating the unit test without redeploying the Grader Azure Function App and does not require compiling NUnit test into a single executable file, which was previously a challenge for .Net core 6.0 for NUnit test project.
  • The updated Azure Automatic Grading Engine also uses CDK-TF for Azure libraries for deployment as the project deployment step. This includes uploading a file to the file share and standardizing all project’s deployments.
  • New features also include adding filtering logic to the grader Azure function and addition of a GameTaskGeneratorConsoleApp project to the engine's assignments.

Students and learners interested in cloud development using Microsoft Azure can use this game to learn and practice new skills. It offers a practical and hands-on method of learning that keeps engagement high while dealing with complicated topics.

For anyone interested in learning more about gamified education on Azure, Microsoft recommends looking into the AzureAdventure game's project and the latest version of the Azure Automatic Grading Engine. These resources provide insights and practical experience in building and operating cloud-based applications using Microsoft Azure.


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