Windows 12 Launch Rumored - Intel teases
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Windows 12
Oct 8, 2023 2:30 PM

Windows 12 Launch Rumored - Intel teases

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Anticipate a significant Windows refresh in 2024, rumored as Windows 12 launch, for a deeply integrated AI and cloud experiences.

Refreshing Windows Anticipated for 2024 as Microsoft Rumored to Launch Windows 12

Intel has hinted at a significant "Windows refresh" coming in 2024. The CFO of Intel, Mr. David Zinser, during Citi’s analyst conference, made an exciting announcement that this refresh is expected to enhance the company's revenues significantly.

"We are optimistic that 2024 will represent an especially good year for our clients, particularly due to the anticipated Windows update," David Zinser expressed during his conversation with Citi. He believes that the Windows install base is quite out-dated and needs a revamp. Zinser feels that the coming year might kickstart this long-awaited process.

This quote acts as a casual affirmation of the impending substantial Windows update, potentially being referred to as "Windows 12". This "refresh" terminology was similarly used during the progression of the Windows 11, which was officially disclosed in June 2021.

The development on this new edition of Windows, said to have several codenames internally, has accelerated notably over the previous few months. Zinser indicated that active development is now in full swing, and they aim to finish most of the work by mid 2024.


According to sources, the newly anticipated Windows will focus on integrating AI and cloud experiences, which are designed to make the operating system more productive. Additionally, an updated interface is in the works, along with other enhancements and alterations. Interestingly, the operating system itself won't necessitate a subscription to use.

For now, the release of the next Windows version seems almost a certainty. It has spurred exciting discussions among Windows users who are curious about the features and advancements in "Windows 12".

Key Takeaways

This blog post stresses two key aspects. The first one is the potential plans by Microsoft for a significant 'refresh' in 2024, speculated to be titled "Windows 12". This refresh is set to partner with new AI components and cloud experiences, presenting users with a more dynamic and interactive environment. Secondly, the emphasis on eliminating the need for a subscription to use the operating system reflects Microsoft's user-friendly approach, aiming to provide an accessible and productive experience for all users.


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Learn about Intel teases Windows ‘refresh’ coming in 2024 as Windows 12 launch is rumored

Windows 12 - Intel Hints at 2024 Windows Refresh; Windows 12 Launch Rumored

The conversation is abuzz in the tech community about an anticipated new product, Windows 12, that's expected to hit the market soon. But before I dive into the details, let me introduce myself. I'm a Microsoft Expert working in a newsroom, always on the pulse of all things Microsoft.

Intel has sparked interest by hinting at a significant "Windows refresh" in 2024 that promises to impact its revenue positively. This update aligns perfectly with an earlier report that proposed that the subsequent iteration of Windows is scheduled for release in 2024. The CFO of Intel, David Zinser, expressed his optimism during Citi's analyst conference, predicting that 2024 would mark the start of a promising period for refurbished Windows.

Seen through the lens of technology, the concept of a "Windows refresh" is analogous to the unveiling of an upgraded version of the operating system. In fact, 'refresh' terminology was previously used during the development of the predecessor, Windows 11. The present iteration of Windows, currently known by several code names internally, is in active development with majority of the work targeted towards completion by mid-2024.

  • The upcoming version is striving to deeply integrate AI and cloud experiences designed to enhance productivity.
  • An updated interface is being developed to improve user experience.
  • To dispel rumors, rest assured that usage of the OS won't necessitate a subscription.

The release of Windows 12 is almost confirmed and highly anticipated by tech enthusiasts across the globe. As we eagerly await more updates, let us know what you are hoping to see with the launch of the next version of the Microsoft OS.

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