Copilot Studio - Your AI: Integrate Enterprise Data & Plugins
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Microsoft Copilot Studio
May 15, 2024 12:23 PM

Copilot Studio - Your AI: Integrate Enterprise Data & Plugins

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Seamlessly Integrate AI in Business with Microsofts New Low-Code Tools and Dataverse Grounding.

Key insights

  • Microsoft announces updates in Copilot Studio including data grounding with Dataverse tables for effective AI integration in business solutions.
  • The announcement introduces five new AI Power Fx functions supported by low-code plugins to enhance business logic and AI capabilities.
  • Capgemini New Zealand leverages these new features to create more value and solve business challenges quickly with low-code solutions.
  • Low-code plugins within Microsoft Copilot Studio enable complex AI-powered solutions, featuring new AI functions like AIReply, AISummarize, and others.
  • New plugin monitoring features in Dataverse Accelerator include a centralized log viewer and enhanced filtering capabilities for better debugging and maintenance.
  • Use your own data in a prompt

Exploring Microsoft Copilot Studio's Enhancements

Microsoft has recently enhanced its offerings for integrating AI into low-code applications, targeting enterprise solutions with reliable and secure updates. Microsoft Copilot Studio now supports data grounding with Dataverse tables, allowing users to anchor AI prompts to their enterprise data. This advancement fosters real-time security measures while maintaining the robust functionality of AI tools.

Focusing on usability, Microsoft has added support for five new AI Power Fx functions within their low-code plugins. These additions aim to amplify the capabilities of makers and developers within business environments. A noteworthy implementation by Capgemini New Zealand demonstrates the real-world application and value of these tools, enabling faster and more efficient problem-solving and value creation in business scenarios.

With powerful AI tools at hand, such as Prompt Builder and low-code plugins, users can instruct the GPT model to perform specific tasks using simple natural language. These tools are integral parts of the Microsoft Power Platform, which includes Power Apps and Power Automate, facilitating the creation of complex, AI-powered solutions. Grounding prompts with enterprise data ensures enhanced performance tailored to specific business contexts within the Power Platform solutions.

5 new Power Fx AI functions:

  • AIReply: Drafts replies to messages (e.g., customer reviews of a product).
  • AISummarize: Summarizes text (e.g., email messages or document content).
  • AISentiment: Detects sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) in text (e.g., customer reviews).
  • AIClassify: Classifies text into predefined categories (e.g., Problem, Billing, How To, Licensing).
  • AITranslate: Translates text from one language to another (source language is automatically detected).

Microsoft continues to accommodate the evolving needs of its enterprise users by facilitating efficient, low-code research and development tools. By providing sophisticated, scalable options like the new plugin monitoring report in Dataverse, Microsoft enables a proactive approach to maintaining system performance and reliability.

    Furthermore, the introduction of enhanced monitoring tools in the Dataverse Accelerator empowers developers and administrators to maintain and troubleshoot their AI enhancements more effectively, ensuring a smoother operation and better user experience. These updates signify Microsoft's commitment to enhancing AI accessibility and functionality, making it a valuable tool for business transformation and efficiency.

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