Implementing ChatGPT with Dynamics 365 AI Code
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Sep 26, 2023 7:18 AM

Implementing ChatGPT with Dynamics 365 AI Code

by HubSite 365 about Thomas Sandsør (CRM Keeper) [MVP]

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Discover how Microsoft expert utilized Dynamics 365 AI and ChatGPT to formulate powerful real-time backend code and plugins.

In a recent blog post, author Thomas Sandsør (CRM Keeper) discussed his experience with Dynamics 365 AI code and ChatGPT. He shed light on the AI product's capability of producing intelligent responses to a broad range of questions from global users.

The AI tool has been used in various fields, such as producing academic papers, assisting with complex text formulation for web pages and marketers, and even writing blog posts. Of particular interest to Sandsør was the tool's ability to write code, an application which piqued his interest.

Sandsør shares that his familiarity with Plugins, backend code pieces that run in real-time when Dataverse triggers occur, was limited. However, he decided to experiment using ChatGPT to navigate a similar plugin issue he had previously written about.

To simulate a real-world scenario, Sandsør started off with a typical question, just as one would do on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. He describes the response he received as accurate; albeit, it was not exactly what he had hoped for.

After asking a follow-up question, Sandsør was taken aback when the AI tool started generating code. He offers a snapshot of the code and express amazement at how good the result turned out.

The generated code was for a plugin designed to run on an opportunity level to update the sum of all opportunity products. Despite recognising the potential for some discrepancies with triggers based on Opportunity and not the opportunity product, Sandsør was impressed. He continues to explore the ramifications of this discovery.

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Navigating AI Capabilities

As AI technology advances, the range of practical applications grows in parallel. ChatGPT, as showcased in Sandsør's blog post, today, is capable of generating meaningful, functional code, bridging the gap between AI and complex human tasks. Thus, AI not only aids users in formulating complex text but can also replace human intervention in certain tasks.

This revelation begs the question; how far can we push these AI capabilities? For instance, if AI can write code today, will it replace human coders in the future?

The future of AI applications is exciting and endless, reaching areas we hadn't thought possible before, from writing sophisticated academic papers to generating a computer program. AI is no longer restricted to assisting humans; it has begun taking over tasks, simplifying the operations of our digital world tremendously.

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Dynamics 365 - Implementing ChatGPT with Dynamics 365 AI Code

Learn about Dynamics 365 AI code with ChatGPT

The journey into the future of AI applications and technology, such as the Microsoft Business Central Application and ChatGPT, promises exciting possibilities ranging from intelligent responses, auto-formulated complex texts to writing executable codes. Sharpening coding skills is crucial and this blog post is aimed at sharing some insights about coding with Plugins and ChatGPT.

Plugins are back-end codes executed in real-time when triggers occur in Dataverse, a modern data platform developed by Microsoft. ChatGPT is an AI that generates diverse and dynamic language content based on input. One surprising revelation is that ChatGPT actually writes cohesive and executable codes when prompted.

To better understand the process, I decided to delve into a real-world application with Plugins and ChatGPT. I started with a question like you would with any search engine(Google/Yahoo/DuckDuckGo/etc.) and decided to test ChatGPT’s response in writing a code. The response was impressively spot on, with only a few nuances that could be argued about.

My initial question didn’t get the response I anticipated, so I reformulated and asked again. To my amazement, the AI product started generating code after thinking for a few moments. The code in question is a C# code encapsulating methods to accomplish operations in the Dataverse. You can check the 'Organization Service' to find operations like Create, Delete, Retrieve, etc. The code generated is usable by plugins and is focused on collecting data from Microsoft's data platform and performing operations on them.

Though the trigger in the code was based on Opportunity and not the Opportunity product, the fact remains that the code is usable for a Plugin that would run on Opportunity level to update the sum of all Opportunity products. There are a lot of ways to optimize and effectively use the opportunities offered by AI products like ChatGPT. It would help if you tried exploring a few, and you'd be surprised at the results you'll get.

Training courses and tutorials abound on topics like building Plugins, working with AI platforms like ChatGPT, and advancing your AI coding journey. These resources, plus practice, will ensure you’re on the right path to leveraging AI tools and applications like Microsoft's Power Suite.

For those interested in advancing your knowledge about working with similar AI platforms, courses that touch on Microsoft's technology stack, specifically the Power Platform, will be a great place to start. A knowledge of coding languages like C# and JavaScript would also be beneficial.

Building the future with AI is here and the time to get on board is now. Let’s keep exploring, and who knows, you might even build the next big AI system!

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