How to Validate Phone Number Assignments in Teams (in Bulk)
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Aug 30, 2023 7:00 PM

How to Validate Phone Number Assignments in Teams (in Bulk)

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I’ve been assigning phone numbers in Teams for pretty much five years now. I remember when it all started for me with Direct Routing in 2018. Numbers

Teams has provided the ability to assign and manage phone numbers for several years. Originally, the command Set-CsUser was used to assign phone numbers, later transitioning to LineUri and finally to Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment. However, it's crucial to verify these phone number assignments, as issues can arise where a user may not be able to make or receive calls. Often, everything may appear correct in the Teams Admin Center or PowerShell, but issues become apparent when checking a user's call app or asking the user to provide a screenshot of their settings. It is posited that Teams client and TAC/PowerShell draw from different systems, hence their differing information.

  • Assigning phone numbers to Teams users began with Set-CsUser
  • There could be discrepancies between what you see in PowerShell and the actual user experience
  • Teams client and TAC/PowerShell possibly pull data from different systems
  • Communicating with each client to verify their phone number is impractical
  • Reassigning the phone number repetitively can be an insufficient solution

Further Exploration of Validate Phone Number Assignments in Teams

Therefore, ensuring accurate phone number assignment in Teams is a crucial but challenging task. As we transitioned from using Set-CsUser to LineUri to finally using Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment, it has become clear that the process is not always foolproof. There can be scenarios where the assigned numbers do not show up for the user, or they are unable to make or receive calls. Furthermore, these issues may not always be visible via PowerShell or Teams Admin Center, creating an additional layer of complexity. Future updates and developments might aim to streamline this process and improve accuracy and reliability.


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When assigning phone numbers to users in Teams, it is important to validate that the numbers have been properly assigned. While you can view assigned numbers in Teams Admin Center (TAC) and PowerShell, this does not always indicate that the number has been successfully assigned. To check if the number has been assigned correctly, you can look at the user's Calls app in Teams or ask them to send you a screenshot. If the user has their own LineUri, their work phone number should be visible beneath the dial pad. If the number is missing, then the assignment may not have been successful.

If setting up Teams phone for a bunch of users at once, it is not possible to check with each user if they can see the number in their Teams client. Therefore, it may be necessary to assign the number a few more times until the assignment is successful.

When assigning phone numbers in Teams, the Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment cmdlet should be used. It is important to remember that Teams Admin Center or PowerShell may not always display accurate information. Therefore, it is important to validate the number assignment by checking the user's Calls app in Teams or asking for a screenshot.


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