Maximize Productivity with Viva Connections Cards
Viva Connections
Nov 22, 2023 6:00 AM

Maximize Productivity with Viva Connections Cards

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Unlock the power of Microsoft Viva Connections: Streamline Teams engagement with the redesigned News Card and the new People Card.

How to use the news and people cards in Microsoft Viva Connections has been clearly outlined by Giuliano De Luca [MVP]. The Viva Connections Top News Card, now known as the "News Card," is being updated. These updates will bring more personalization options and the ability to create many instances of the News Card, while keeping its default settings similar to the original Top News Card.


Additionally, there's a new feature called the "People card." It allows staff members to easily find and reach out to one another within the company through Teams chat and email. This adds a layer of connectivity to the platform, facilitating better internal communication.

Microsoft Viva Connections, a platform aimed at improving employee engagement and communication, has become an integral part of many organizations. As a segment of Microsoft's larger Viva suite targeting employee experiences, Viva Connections offers a central hub via Microsoft Teams. Here, employees have access to vital internal communications, resources, and diverse tools contributing to workplace cohesion and efficiency.

  • Personalized Dashboard: Providing a customizable dashboard, it allows employees to engage with pertinent news, dialogues, and materials relevant to their roles and interests.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365: Its seamless integration with the Microsoft 365 suite of tools, such as SharePoint, streamlines document access and collaborative project undertakings.
  • Mobile Access: The Viva Connections mobile app expands accessibility, ensuring employees stay connected and well-informed, even while mobile.
  • Company Branding: The platform supports organizational branding, which helps in aligning the Viva Connections experience with the company's identity.

Summary: Microsoft Viva Connections

Microsoft's Viva Connections enhances how employees engage and communicate within an organization. Integrated into Microsoft Teams, it offers a dynamic and personalized dashboard, extensive integration with Microsoft 365, dedicated mobile application support, and customizable corporate branding options, providing a comprehensive and connected employee experience.

In a YouTube video, Giuliano De Luca [MVP] presents a tutorial on effectively utilizing the News and People cards within Viva Connections. He covers the rebranding of the Top News Card to the News Card, touches on the introduction of the People card for easier internal communication, and walks through the newly introduced personalization features.

The video also explores the cards' settings and illustrates how the news cards display within an employee's dashboard. Lastly, Giuliano explains the management of these features in Microsoft Teams, concluding with the benefits and enhancements they bring to the platform's dashboard. Although timestamps are provided, they are omitted here for brevity and focus on the summary content.

Enhancing Workplace Connectivity

Viva Connections is a powerful tool in the Microsoft ecosystem designed to knit together an organization's internal communication structure. With its personalized dashboards, integration with Microsoft 365, and mobile app functionality, it stands out as a versatile platform that brings teams closer, regardless of location. It simplifies access to company updates and colleague collaboration, ultimately forging a more connected and engaged workplace environment.

Viva Connections - Maximize Productivity with Viva Connections Cards


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