How to use the NEW Microsoft Teams
Oct 10, 2023 10:00 AM

How to use the NEW Microsoft Teams

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Discover the fast, slimmer, and simpler Microsoft Teams 2023 with advanced features - Fast tenant switching, channel updates, intuitive settings, and improved u

Unpacking New Features of Microsoft Teams Update

The recent video tutorial by Mike Tholfsen reveals exciting new improvements in the Microsoft Teams for 2023. These enhancements range from fast tenant switching, channel updates to an enhanced Settings and user interface. The video further points out that the new Teams client is faster, slimmer and simpler to use.

One standout feature discussed in the tutorial is the "animated backgrounds in Teams meetings". This remarkable feature takes your virtual meetings to the next level by allowing you to switch your static background for a dynamic animation. Creating an immersive meeting environment, it opens up room for a creative and personalized meeting experience.

For more detailed information about this and other features, viewers are directed to follow the link attached to the video.

In addition, Tholfsen discloses that the August 2023 edition of Teams comes with a whopping 52 innovate features and devices. This follows on the heels of the wave of significant announcements made at the Microsoft Inspire 2023. The new features don't just improve the general Teams experience, but cater for a wide range of user needs.

Other remarkable features worth mentioning include the "Task lists sync in Microsoft Loop", which allows effective synchronization of tasks across Microsoft Planner and To Do apps. This elimination of app hopping augments productivity and ensures no task goes unattended.


Furthermore, the tutorial sheds light on other valuable features like the "Dynamic emergency calling" which has been made available for US-based Teams users. This feature allows users to provide their locations to alert personnel during an emergency.

Emphasizing on inclusivity, Teams also introduces new hardware like the AudioCodes’ phones that are certified for Government Community Cloud (GCC/GCCH). They come equipped with Android 12 for maximum security, satisfying both basic and high-end communication needs.

Lastly, one of the ingenius features introduced is the "Multi-stream IntelliFrame Intelligent Camera experiences". This feature uses cutting edge technology to process multiple video streams in tandem, creating an immersive and engaging experience for both in-person and remote attendees.

Deep Dive Into Teams' New Features

While the Microsoft Teams for 2023 comes with a plethora of new features, each one stands out for their thoughtfulness and the practical way they cater for diverse user needs. From the novel animated backgrounds, task sync across Microsoft Loop, Dynamic emergency calling to the intelligent camera experiences, these features do not simply augment the Teams experience but reinvent the virtual collaboration environment.

For example, the "Multi-stream IntelliFrame Intelligent Camera experiences" takes both in-person and remote participation to a higher level. Making both parties feel as though they are in the same physical space not only improves connectivity but also fosters better engagement.

For more on the Teams enhancements, check out here.

The Teams innovations have truly changed the trajectory of virtual meetings and team collaborations for organizations globally and has set the bar high for its counterparts.

Teams - Guide: Using the Latest Features in Microsoft Teams

Learn about How to use the NEW Microsoft Teams 🆕


In today's digital age, effective collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams are crucial for seamless communication and productivity in an organization. This tutorial article will focus on understanding the new and updated features of Microsoft Teams 2023.

The 2023 version of Microsoft Teams offers several upgrades such as rapid tenant swapping, channel updates, an improved user interface, and more. As the tool becomes globally available, let's comprehend the new features and how to utilize them effectively.

The Techcommunity and Insider blogs by Microsoft dive deep into these changes, helping users familiarize themselves with these new features.

New features include Animations in background during meetings, which help to create a dynamic virtual environment. Another remarkable update is the Task lists synchronization with Microsoft Loop, aiding users to keep track of important tasks across various Microsoft apps like Planner and To Do.

Microsoft Teams isn't halting at just these features; every month, new certified devices are introduced for a better user experience. Teams Rooms and Devices, Frontline Workers and Vertical Solutions, IT Admin and Security, Mobile, and Platform are some of the areas where the new features are being implemented.

  • Protected voicemail notifications.
  • Scan QR code on Panels for quick room reservation.
  • Dynamic emergency calling available in Teams on the web.
  • Attending public webinars via three concurrent devices.

2023 has been a year of some significant announcements and 52 new features for Teams. This should build excitement for features like Animated Backgrounds in Meetings, Task list synchronization in Microsoft Loop, and much more.

Apart from these, Microsoft Teams tutorial videos are frequently created for users to understand the operational functionality better. It also welcomes comments and suggestions on other features users would like to see videos for, hence creating a loop of continuous learning and updates.

For more extensive learning, one can enroll in training courses like Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, Managing Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security. These certifications provide an in-depth understanding of using Microsoft Teams and other related services. Imparting this knowledge to your teams can ensure effective utilization of these tools, thus increasing productivity and collaboration.

In conclusion, Microsoft Teams is a tool that keeps evolving to provide its users with the best interface and experience possible. As users, it is crucial to keep applying these updates for a more interactive and productive collaborative environment. All these updates intend to provide faster, slimmer, simpler, and better features to Microsoft Teams.

The aim of this tutorial is to answer all possible questions regarding the new features of Microsoft Teams 2023. After such a comprehensive overview, you should be all set to start using these features right away!

The latest version of Teams promises a more nimble and vibrant platform, with a plethora of new features to explore and use for better communication and collaboration. Happy teaming!


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