Guide on Using SharePoint Web Parts Effectively
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Sep 11, 2023 1:00 PM

Guide on Using SharePoint Web Parts Effectively

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The text discusses the effective use of web parts in Microsoft SharePoint. Web parts are integral to SharePoint as they make up the different sites within it. Understanding how web parts function and the types that can be deployed can significantly enhance the content and experience offered by a SharePoint-based intranet. Web parts are described as the basic building blocks, with capabilities to add text, images, files, dynamic content & more. They can be arranged in various ways on a page, and content editors can add new ones from a standard list that comes with the platform. They offer integration with other Microsoft 365 tools and have extensive configuration options.

  • Web parts can display SharePoint content but can also integrate feeds from other Microsoft 365 tools including Viva Engage / Yammer and Viva Connections.
  • There are approximately fifty SharePoint web parts that are available out of the box, with options for customization.
  • Some popular ones include connectors, document library, events, file viewer, hero, highlighted content, list, Microsoft Forms, news, people, quick links, and Yammer (Viva Engage).

Despite the high number of web parts and configuration options, there may still be gaps in functionality and features. For instance, at times, there is a lack of branding and design options, or a particular web part is not available. These limitations can be frustrating for teams aiming to deploy a high-value SharePoint site.

Further Reflections on SharePoint Web Parts

Web parts are a key component of Microsoft's SharePoint. They play a crucial role in customizing and enhancing the functionality of SharePoint pages, thereby improving the overall user experience. Despite the breadth of web parts available out of the box, intranet teams and internal communicators may still encounter limitations in branding and design options. Furthermore, not all functionalities may be catered for by the existing web parts, requiring additional plugins or third-party integrations to address these gaps. Nevertheless, a comprehensive understanding of web parts and their deployment is vital for anyone involved in creating content for or managing a SharePoint-based intranet.

Diving Deeper into SharePoint

SharePoint comes with its own set of challenges, despite its comprehensive tool set. For optimum utilization, users need to understand its functionalities deeply, particularly web parts - a cornerstone of SharePoint-based intranet sites. Irrespective of a few design inconsistencies and functionality gaps, SharePoint remains an indispensable tool for many organizations globally. Its ability to integrate various Microsoft tools, and the enormous level of customization it offers, underpin SharePoint’s significance in today's corporate world.

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This guide provides instructions on how to utilize Web Parts in Microsoft SharePoint to enhance navigational efficiency and user experience. Web parts are a fundamental component of SharePoint, contributing to the various sites within it. Understanding these web parts, including how to create and deploy them, is crucial to contributing content to SharePoint-based intranets. Web parts may include text, images, files, videos, and dynamic content. They can be arranged in different ways on a page, and new web parts can also be added. Web parts can display SharePoint content and also integrate feeds from other Microsoft 365 tools such as Viva Engage / Yammer and Viva Connections. The numerous web parts and configuration options make SharePoint a flexible tool for various use cases. Around fifty SharePoint web parts can be used out-of-the-box, with functions ranging from calls to action and Power BI reports to embedded videos and world clocks.

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