How to use Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams (2023)
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Sep 26, 2023 2:00 PM

How to use Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams (2023)

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The video titled "Microsoft Teams: Comprehensive Guide on Using Microsoft Lists (2023)" by Scott Brant is an in-depth tutorial on harnessing the functionalities of Microsoft Lists within the Microsoft Teams environment. The video discusses how to create a new list, add columns to the list, manipulate list data, and integrate an existing list into the Teams framework. It emphasizes the importance of being able to effectively organize, structure and track data, which is where Microsoft Lists comes into play.

  • What is Microsoft Lists?
  • How to use Microsoft Lists?
  • Create a new List
  • Customize your Lists
  • Collaborate on Lists with your colleagues
  • Microsoft Lists with Power Automate
  • Use Power Automate templates
  • Manage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Receive email notifications
  • Importance of Teams integration with Microsoft Lists
  • Add Lists as a new tab
  • Collaborate on Lists with your team members
  • Real-world use cases for Microsoft Lists with Teams (Sales and Document management, Inventory and Event management, and Expense Tracking)

Understanding Microsoft Lists

The video discusses Microsoft Lists, an app within Microsoft 365 that supports task organization and information tracking through a structured list format. With the flexibility of customization, Users can create smart rules, integrate Lists with other Microsoft apps, and receive notifications when any changes occur. An important feature of Microsoft Lists is its visualization capability, where data can be viewed in multiple formats according to your preferences, such as grid view, card format, and calendar format. The video highlights integration with other Microsoft apps as a key advantage, showing how Lists can work with Power Automate and SharePoint, amongst others.

Learn about Microsoft Teams: Comprehensive Guide on Using Microsoft Lists (2023)

In this article, we delve into an informative YouTube video from Your 365 Coach that provides a comprehensive guide on using Microsoft Lists within Microsoft Teams. Whether you're a novice or intending to elevate your usage experience, this guide has something for each user level. The video tutorial instructs on creating a new Microsoft List in Teams, among other uses and integrations.

Microsoft Lists, a Microsoft 365 app, is an efficient tool for organizing, managing and tracking information such as customer data, document management, and link tracking in a systematized manner. It can be easily integrated with other Microsoft applications, including Teams, allowing for collaboration.

  • Creation of a new List
  • List Customization
  • Team Collaboration on Lists
  • Integration of Lists with Power Automate
  • Use of Power Automate Templates
  • Managing CRMs
  • Receiving email notifications

You can also add Lists as a new tab in Teams and explore uses for Microsoft Lists with Teams, including document management, collaborative sales, inventory tracking, event planning, and expense tracking.

The video also touches on the unique benefits of Microsoft Lists beyond its organization functionality. The tool offers useful visualization; data added to a list can be viewed in a grid format similar to Excel or in a card or calendar format. In addition, smart rules can be used during list creation, setting the tool apart in the efficiency of its customization capabilities.

The training video tutorial is well-structured and resourceful, making it a must-watch for those hoping to harness the full capabilities of Microsoft lists in Teams.

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