Utilizing Bing Chat Enterprise for Document Summary & Generation
Bing Chat Enterprise
Nov 14, 2023 6:42 PM

Utilizing Bing Chat Enterprise for Document Summary & Generation

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Optimize content generation with Bing Chat Enterprise - your key to secure access to GPT4 and DALL-E 3 for efficient web summarizing and image creation.

Bing Chat Enterprise can be employed for summarizing and creating content from various documents. If you're unable to use Microsoft 365 Copilot, there's an alternative worth considering. Utilize browser content, including PDF documents, using the Copilot feature in Edge along with Bing Chat Enterprise, which is bundled with the majority of Microsoft 365 business plans.

This enterprise version of Bing Chat incorporates GPT-4 and provides secure access to the latest online information, GPT-4 powered conversation, and DALL-E 3 for crafting images. It offers "commercial data protection," ensuring user and company data is safeguarded, without any storage of chat data. This level of security ensures Microsoft does not have access to the chats and the data isn't utilized for training the AI models behind the service.

Important to note, Bing Chat Enterprise doesn't have the capability to access your Microsoft 365 data, which is reserved for M365 Copilot. This business-oriented chat service is available both via bing.com and Microsoft Edge's sidebar and will eventually be integrated into Windows Copilot.

Currently in preview for certain Microsoft 365 subscriptions, it will not incur additional costs for these license holders. It's scheduled to be enabled by default on August 17, 2023, but IT professionals can choose to join the preview earlier. There's also an upcoming monthly add-on specifically catering to enterprise users for a fee, with some Microsoft 365 types like A, G, or F not being eligible.

For organizations wishing not to adopt Bing Chat Enterprise just yet, they have the option to opt out. Details on how to do this can be found by referring to official Microsoft guidelines and resources. A direct link for more information on Bing Chat Enterprise is available, offering insights into the opt-out process and additional details.

Bing Chat Enterprise distinguishes itself from its consumer counterpart with a unique design and clear notifications that user and company data remain confidential within the chat environment. While aiming to match consumer features of Bing Chat, certain functionalities like chat history, plugin support, and image creation in chats are not initially available in the enterprise edition.

There are numerous applications for Bing Chat Enterprise in the workplace. It can assist employees in content generation, data analysis, document summarization, skill learning, coding, and more. Queries about decision implications, learning new methodologies like agile project management, or even planning business travels can all be facilitated through this tool.

However, it's important to know that currently, it isn't manageable on a per-user basis. To make effective use of this capability, the Microsoft Search in Bing setting must be active within the Microsoft 365 admin center. Disabling this setting restricts Bing Chat Enterprise access, making Bing Chat available only for non-authenticated users or those with personal Microsoft accounts.

For those deciding to disable Bing Chat Enterprise, it takes a few simple steps to opt out which includes visiting a specific web address as an admin. Any changes made here are expected to take a few hours to come into effect and opting out means the service won't automatically activate in August.

Authored by Lisa Crosbie [MVP], this post provides perspective on the enterprise version of the Bing chat function, offering insights into the new service crafted for business users.
Tom Arbuthnot, a Microsoft MVP and Certified Master, provides his insights on industry news via various platforms, excluding his roles at Empowering.Cloud and Pure IP.

Understanding Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Chat Enterprise represents a specific iteration of Microsoft's chatbot technologies, tailored for the business environment with a focus on privacy and efficiency. It enables professionals to quickly generate content, summarize vast information, and even learn new skills through a secured, company-specific version of Bing Chat, providing a powerful tool for information management and productivity. Its integration across Microsoft services like Edge and 365 offers a seamless transition into everyday workflows, embodying a future where advanced AI aids in business communications and operations.


Bing Chat Enterprise - Utilizing Bing Chat Enterprise for Document Summary & Generation

Learn about How to use Bing Chat Enterprise to summarise and generate content from documents.


Exploring Bing's commercial chat tool, we delve into how Bing Chat for Enterprise can be utilized to both generate and summarize content from various documents. This can be of great value, particularly if you don’t have access to Microsoft 365 Copilot. The Copilot feature in Edge allows you to handle content, such as PDF documents, in your browser using Bing's Commercial chat feature, a part of most Microsoft 365 business plans.

A key feature of Bing's business chat solution is that it is enhanced with “commercial data protection." This ensures that your chat data remains secure, not used for training underlying models, and that Microsoft doesn't have any access to it. An important distinction to note, however, is that this enhanced chat solution does not have access to your Microsoft 365 data.

Preview versions of this chat service are accessible through bing.com and the sidebar in Microsoft Edge. It's slated to be rolled out to Windows Copilot in the future. Preview is currently available for Microsoft 365 E5/E3, Microsoft 365 Business Premium/Standard at no additional cost. While it will be switched on by default from August 17, 2023, IT Pros currently have the option to opt into the preview. An add-on SKU for the business chat tool will be offered in the future at USD$5 per user per month for Office 365 E plans.

To differentiate between consumer version of Bing Chat, Bing's business chat tool visually distinguishes itself through a message that states “Your personal and company data are protected in this chat” visible above the chat input box and on top of every chat answer. This solution has a unique design from the consumer version. However, it is pertinent to note that some initial features may not be supported at launch including chat history, plugin support, Bing Image Creator, and Visual Search in Chat and the Bing mobile app.

Helping to quickly generate content, analyze or compare data, summarise documents, learn new skills, write code, and more, this chat tool offers a myriad of uses. For example, a user could ask it to quickly understand the implications of a decision. It could also be used to learn new skills, analyse data, or even to summarize work PDFs opened in Edge. It can even aid with writing better code faster or generating content for social media.

Enabling the Microsoft Search in Bing setting in the Microsoft 365 admin center is required to launch the chat tool. Turning off this setting prevents the use of a Microsoft Entra ID (currently known as Azure Active Directory) workplace identity with Bing. Both the business chat tool and the consumer chat feature will be inaccessible when turning off this setting in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Turning off the chat tool can be achieved by opting out at https://aka.ms/TurnOffBCE.

This post authored by Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Master, Tom Arbuthnot, offers a valuable firsthand insight on Bing's commercial chat tool. Arbuthnot is Founder and Principal at Empowering.Cloud and a Solutions Director at Pure IP. A regular speaker at events worldwide, he stays current with industry developments and shares news and his opinions through various platforms.


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