How to use Avatars in Microsoft Teams meetings
Jun 5, 2023 6:00 PM

How to use Avatars in Microsoft Teams meetings

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A Microsoft Teams meetings tutorial video showing Avatars, one of the new features in Microsoft Teams.

How to use Avatars in Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft is pioneering innovative solutions to foster collaboration and improve connectivity irrespective of the workplace location. Among their new offerings is the Mesh avatars feature for Microsoft Teams, a step towards facilitating metaverse experiences for customers. As per Microsoft's research, approximately half of the Gen Z and Millennials anticipate working in the metaverse within the upcoming two years. Mesh avatars allow employees to engage in Microsoft Teams meetings with a sense of presence, without needing to activate their camera. They can also personalize their representation in meetings through choosing an avatar that suits their particular occasion, ranging from casual to professional.

In the era of remote work, video conferencing can cause stress and fatigue. Avatars for Microsoft Teams offers an alternative solution, making meetings more inclusive, productive, and enjoyable. To create and use an avatar in Microsoft Teams, first install the Avatars application by clicking on the Apps button in the Teams interface, searching for "Avatars", and clicking "Add" to install it. Once installed, access the Avatars app, click on "+" and "Create New". Choose a base avatar that resembles you and click "Use Avatar". To customize your avatar, click "Customize" and refine its appearance. Save when finished.

To join a meeting using your avatar, turn off your camera in the join meeting screen, click "Effects and avatars", select an avatar, choose a background image, and click "Join now". Your avatar can express a range of emotions like laughter, applause, and smiles. To use these reactions, click on "More", then "Avatars and Effects", and finally "All reactions". Your avatar can also respond with classic Teams reactions.

In conclusion, Microsoft Teams avatars can enhance your meetings by building connections without the need for video, offering a break from video fatigue, and making meetings more inclusive and engaging.

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