How to tag your notes in OneNote? | Efficiency 365
Jan 3, 2023 9:00 PM

How to tag your notes in OneNote? | Efficiency 365

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OneNote has a set of tags by default at your disposal but based on the context you don't find anything relevant, what to do in such case?

OneNote tags are amazing. These are fully customizable and searchable.

Learn why and how to use these tags to your advantages. Tags add meaning and context to your notes. You can use them to categorize notes, keep track of pending issues, follow up business specific activities or enrich learning.


00:00 - Introduction

00:31 - Find the best tags for yourself

01:26 - To Do tag

02:31 - Other To Do tags

02:44 - Meeting In-Attendance tag

03:27 - Apply Multiple tags

03:54 - Tag images and ink (handwritten notes)

04:35 - Create Custom Tags

06:14 - Finding tags

07:56 - Search Summary Page

08:09 - Find original page

How to Tag OneNote

In Microsoft OneNote, you can use tags to mark important information or to track tasks. Here's how to add a tag to a note in OneNote:

Open the note that you want to add a tag to.

Select the text or content that you want to tag.

Click the "Tags" button in the Home tab of the ribbon.

Select a tag from the list of predefined tags, or create a custom tag by selecting "New Tag" from the list.

The selected text or content will be highlighted and a tag will appear next to it.

You can also add a tag to a note by right-clicking the note and selecting "Add Tag" from the context menu.

To view and manage your tags in OneNote, click the "Tags Summary" button in the Home tab of the ribbon. This will open the "Tags Summary" pane, which displays a list of all the tags used in your notebook and the notes that they are applied to. From the "Tags Summary" pane, you can filter the list of tags, mark tags as complete, and customize the appearance of tags.