How to Stop Responses in MS Forms
Nov 1, 2023 5:30 AM

How to Stop Responses in MS Forms

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Master the art of controlling MS Forms for optimum organisation! Learn to manually close responses or set up automatic end dates with Microsoft.

Microsoft Forms: An Easy Guide to Setting Up and Ending Responses

The video discusses how one can efficiently manage responses in Microsoft Forms, a feature-packed tool vastly utilized for creating quizzes, surveys, and various types of forms. The presenter from SharePoint Maven Inc revealed two noteworthy ways to end or close a form: manually or through an automatic end date.

Both the methods provide you with control over the availability of your created forms with particular emphasis on timing. For instance, if you want respondents to complete a quiz within a particular period, you can effectively manage this using these available options.

Detailed information on how to manage responses in Microsoft Forms can be found here.

The video guided the viewers on setting up automatic end dates, which is a convenient feature allowing the form to expire at a designated date and time. This happens without the need for personal supervision or additional reminders. Thus, the availability of the form becomes pre-determined and automatic.

Steps to Setup an Automatic End Date

  • Sign in to your Microsoft Forms and open your form.
  • Click on More form settings (represented by three dots) on the top right corner, select Settings.
  • Choose the option End date and set the date and time.
  • Save your settings. Your form will no longer accept responses past the date set.

This method ensures that the user has control over the timing of responses. The video then explained that if you prefer to shut your form manually, Microsoft Forms allows this too, with an optional feature to display a custom message to the respondents when they visit the form.

Steps to Close a Form Manually

  • Again, start by opening your form on Microsoft Forms.
  • Select More form settings (represented by three dots) at the top right, and then pick Settings.
  • Uncheck the Accept responses box. The form will close immediately.
  • You may opt to key in a tailored message in the text box provided after. This guarantees a more personalized interaction with respondents.

Whichever method you pick, Microsoft Forms gives you complete power and flexibility over the handling of your forms. The tool lets you determine when to cut off responses successfully and conveniently. Want to learn more? Click the link to understand how to manage Forms responses.

Forms - Guide: Preventing Response Submissions in Microsoft Forms

Learn about How to Stop Responses in MS Forms

Learning about shutting down responses in Microsoft Forms piques curiosity among many, given the increasing dependence upon digital tools for online collaborations, quizzes, and surveys. The need for controlling these online avenues can arise, especially when certain forms need not be available indefinitely. Here, we delve into the nuances of handling this aspect with Microsoft Forms, covering two methods for achieving it - automatic end date and manual closure.

Let’s start with 'Setting an Expiry for your Form.' Microsoft Forms allows users to define both a commencement and an expiry for any digital documentation. It also permits either of the two. To establish an auto-closure, visit the Microsoft Forms page, log in and select your form. On the upper right corner of the form, find the option 'More form parameters' (symbolized by three dots) and click on Settings. Locate the End Date setting and choose your preferred date and time. Close the settings by clicking on the three dots again. These alterations get saved instantly.

Now, whenever a participant accesses your form, they are informed that the form has concluded and isn't accepting any more inputs. This method offers user-friendly solutions if you have decided on the closure date beforehand or if you cannot manually remember to close it post-expiry.

  • Manual Closure of a Form: The manual closure of forms is equally convenient and offers the flexibility of providing a message at the closure page. It is useful when you decide to close an ongoing form that already has an expiry date. For manual closure, return to More form parameters and Settings. At the top, unclick the checkbox stating "Accept responses". Optionally, you can enter a message you wish to display on closure. Confirm the settings and save them. As soon as the checkbox gets unselected, the form gets closed instantly. If you don't customize a message, the users will only see a generic message mentioning the form's closure.

Manual closure adds to the convenience if the form's necessary duration isn't decided beforehand. You can freely access your form at any moment and draw the curtain whenever required. You might want an automatic closure or manual discretion, Microsoft Forms always caters to your needs with its flexible options.

For exploring further on this topic, you can learn more about how to scrutinize your Microsoft Forms responses as well as options to download the responses.

Ultimately, mastering Microsoft Forms requires some effort, but the versatility it brings to the table is invaluable for modern digital collaborations and surveys. Once you understand these features, you shouldn't have any lingering doubts about creating and controlling forms using Microsoft's suite of tools.

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