How to share a range in Excel
Aug 3, 2023 8:00 PM

How to share a range in Excel

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Sharing a range in Excel is a handy feature when you want to direct someone's attention to a specific area in a worksheet. For instance, if you have an Excel file in Microsoft Teams, you can select the desired portion of your table, right click and select the option "link to this range". This will provide you with a link that can be shared with others. For instance, if you copy this link and open it on another browser, you will be able to see that the range is shared. This feature can be useful in a team setting, for example, where you want team members to focus on a particular set of data.

  • Select the range on your Excel worksheet
  • Right click and choose 'Link to this range'
  • A link is generated which can be copied and shared
  • Opening the link directly navigates to the shared range in your Excel file

Additional Information

This function is particularly useful in collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams. With the 'Link to this range' feature, teams working on a shared Excel file can navigate data efficiently, increasing productivity and coherence. Up-to-date Microsoft Excel versions support this functionality, providing a valuable tool for teams collaborating on large data sets.

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The main topic of this text is how to share a range in Excel. To do this, one must select the portion of the table desired to be shared, right-click, and then link to the range. After the range is linked, one can copy the URL and open a browser instance logged in as the desired user. The shared range will be visible and accessible to the user.

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