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Sep 23, 2022 12:00 AM

How to set an expiration for guest access in SharePoint Online

If you would like to limit the exposure of content when sharing externally, you can set the limits/expiration for quest access from within the SharePoint Admin Center

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As I stated in one of my previous blog posts, External sharing in SharePoint is one big matzo ball. Trying to understand external sharing requires lots of patience and alcohol consumption. I tried to explain the concept many times on my blog, and you can find a summary of all the options


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New Expiring Access Policy to Control Guest Access to SharePoint Online Sites

Sometimes Microsoft publishes text in message center notifications that is, to be blunt, misleading. Such is the case for MC220791 published August 21, 2020, updated May 7, 2021 (Microsoft 365 Roadmap item 43797). You can see from the dates that this change has been bubbling up for a long time.


Manage guest expiration for a site

If you are a SharePoint site admin, you may need to manage expiring access for the guests that have access to content on your site.


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