Excel to Email: Send with Attachments via Power Automate
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Feb 12, 2024 7:00 PM

Excel to Email: Send with Attachments via Power Automate

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Streamline Emails from Excel: Automate with Attachments via Power Automate!

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How to Enhance Productivity by Merging Excel with Power Automate for Email Tasks

  • Power Automate enables seamless and customized email sending directly from Excel without any add-ons, using the Automate Work Tab to personalize emails and attachments for each recipient.

  • Users can trigger automation directly within Excel, allowing for dynamic settings of email properties such as address, subject, and attachments, streamlining the process of sending multiple attachments.

  • Power Automate, integrating with both Outlook and Excel, offers automation for email-based workflows, enabling automatic storage of email data or attachments into Excel, and facilitation of data-driven email alerts or scheduled reports.

  • It allows for the automation of email tasks from Excel, like sending personalized emails with attachments, updating automations, and performing bulk mail merges, enhancing efficiency in email communications.

  • The integration setup is user-friendly with a plethora of templates for common tasks available, although it is crucial that Excel files are stored in a Power Automate-supported cloud service and that data is well-structured for effective automation.

Streamlining Workflows with Power Automate: A Deeper Dive

Power Automate stands out as a pivotal tool in modern workspaces, especially when it comes to bridging the gap between major applications like Excel and Outlook. By automating repetitive tasks, Power Automate not only saves time but also increases accuracy, which is critical in data management. From sending automated emails based on Excel data to updating spreadsheets with email information, the possibilities are vast. The significance of Power Automate lies in its ability to take over monotonous tasks, freeing up individuals for more complex problem-solving and strategic planning. Understanding and leveraging this tool can lead to significant productivity gains in any organization. This advancement underscores the ongoing digital transformation in how we manage data, communicate, and execute tasks, showcasing the pivotal role of automation in enhancing efficiency across various operations.


In a tutorial video by Reza Dorrani, viewers learn how to send emails from Excel with attachments using automation tools. This guide demonstrates mail merging with attachments for personalized emails to multiple recipients straight from Excel, without needing any additional add-ins. It highlights the use of the Automate Work Tab in Excel, emphasizing ease in sending custom emails with respective attachments.

Dorrani points out that the process can be initiated directly from Excel, enabling users to send various input properties to the workflow. Dynamic definition of email properties like the email address, subject, body, and others, including the capability to send multiple attachments, are covered. This method utilizes a feature in Excel driven by automation to streamline email procedures effectively.

The video covers significant segments, starting with an introduction to Excel mail merge with attachments, followed by a detailed walkthrough on using the Automate Tab. It also explains how to send personalized emails using automation, update automation directly from Excel, conduct bulk mail merges, and trigger automation flows with inputs. The culmination of this guide is demonstrating the run flow to send emails with attachments, offering a comprehensive approach to automating email tasks from Excel.

Automation tools like Power Automate offer robust opportunities for workflow automation between favorite apps and services. Specifically, when integrating such automation with Outlook and Excel, it unlocks efficient ways to automate tasks, enhancing productivity and managing data effectively. The overview provided explains how automation bridges Outlook and Excel through automatically saving email data to Excel, managing email attachments, setting data-driven alerts, and scheduling report emails.

Additionally, the video touches on automating workflows inside Outlook, for instance, creating calendar events or tasks from Excel data. Setting up the integration involves selecting triggers and defining desired actions, with Power Automate's user-friendly interface facilitating process creation. However, considerations include the location of Excel files which must be on a compatible cloud service and the need for structured data to ensure smooth automation.

By leveraging automation to integrate Outlook and Excel, manual data handling can be significantly reduced, enhancing accuracy and saving time on routine tasks. This allows individuals to dedicate more time to strategic work, highlighting the benefits of adopting such technology-driven approaches in day-to-day operations.

Understanding Email Automation in Business

Email automation stands as a transformative approach for businesses seeking to enhance communication and efficiency. At its core, it allows the automated sending of personalized emails to multiple recipients, a task that traditionally requires considerable time and manual effort. This technology enables businesses to conduct mail merges, send updates, alerts, reports, and even manage calendar events, all through automation. The integration of tools like Excel and Outlook through platforms such as Power Automate provides a seamless method to synchronize data, streamline operations, and improve overall productivity. Importantly, it reduces the margin for human error and ensures consistent and timely communication with stakeholders. By adopting email automation, businesses can focus more on strategic tasks, making operations more efficient and effective in the long run. Overall, email automation signifies not just a tool, but a strategic asset in the modern business landscape, empowering companies to stay ahead in their communication and operational strategies.

How to send emails from Excel with attachments using Power Automate is simplified in this tutorial video. It demonstrates how to conduct a mail merge with attachments using Excel. Sending personalized emails to multiple recipients directly from Excel is possible without any add-ins, courtesy of Power Automate.

The tutorial highlights using the Automate Work Tab in Excel, enabled by the software, to send customized emails including attachments to each recipient. It's mentioned that this can all be triggered directly from Excel. Users can easily define email specifics like addresses, subjects, body text, cc, and attach multiple files using simple inputs to the workflow.

This YouTube video also covers the introduction to Excel mail merge with attachments, and delves into the details of the Automate tab in Excel and sending personalized emails. It concludes with steps on updating automation, conducting bulk mail merges, and triggering flows from Excel with inputs to send emails with attachments.


Power Automate - Excel to Email: Send with Attachments via Power Automate


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[Begin Question] "How do I send an Excel attachment using Power Automate?" [End Question] [Begin Answer] To achieve this, initiate by creating a new flow within Power Automate. Opt for a trigger such as “When a new email arrives” that activates the flow. Subsequently, incorporate the “Send an email” action into your flow. Within this action, proceed to the attachment field and opt for “Add new item.” [End Answer] [Begin Question] "Can Power Automate send emails with attachments?" [End Question] [Begin Answer] Indeed, Power Automate stands as a robust automation tool that significantly enhances workflow efficiency by automating mundane tasks. A notable feature includes attaching files to emails, thereby optimizing communication and facilitating smoother file sharing processes. [End Answer] [Begin Question] "How do you send an email using Excel with an attachment?" [End Question] [Begin Answer] In applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word, navigate to File > Share > Email. Here, you have the option to either: "Send as Attachment" which generates an email with the file attached in its native format, or "Send as PDF" which similarly generates an email but with the file attached in PDF format. [End Answer] [Begin Question] "How do I automatically send emails from Excel based on data?" [End Question] [Begin Answer] To automate emails from an Excel sheet based on specific data inputs, adhere to the following procedure to establish an appropriate flow. [End Answer]



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