Schedule SharePoint Pages & News Posts for Specific Publish Time
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Sep 26, 2023 3:11 PM

Schedule SharePoint Pages & News Posts for Specific Publish Time

by HubSite 365 about Nate Chamberlain [MVP]

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Master the art of scheduling SharePoint news posts to publish on a specific date and time! Become a Microsoft SharePoint scheduling maestro.

User Guide: Scheduling Pages and News Posts on SharePoint Online

Nate Chamberlain presents a strategy regarding the scheduling of pages and news posts on SharePoint Online. If you already have edits made and finalized, but need to synchronize the sharing of this news with an official announcement or a specific date, the scheduling feature can be particularly useful. This feature enables you to automatically publish news posts at a pre-specified date and time, eliminating the need for manual publishing.

To access this feature, there is a specific setting that needs to be enabled in the Site Pages library. However, note that this action can only be taken by site owners. If you're simply a site member, you’ll have to request the site owner to enable it on your behalf.

Following are the steps to enable scheduling:

  • Go to your Site Contents (you can navigate here by clicking on the settings wheel, followed by Site Contents) and choose your Site Pages library where your pages and news are created and stored.
  • Look for the Scheduling option at the top and select it.
  • Toggle the option Enable scheduling to activate it. Now, all site members can use this scheduling feature for their pages and news posts.

You can create your pages or news posts as usual. Once you're ready to schedule a post, click on Page details, then Enable Scheduling. Enter the date and time for the Publish Start Date and click Schedule. Please note, the Post/Publish button changes to Schedule after you have set the publish start date. Find out more information about SharePoint Online here.

More on SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online, a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft, aids organizations of diverse sizes in sharing and collaborating with colleagues, partners, and customers. Users can create sites to publish information, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone in the organization make data-driven decisions.

Collaboration is the backbone of SharePoint Online – it grants the ability for teams to collaborate on projects, stay connected with their coworkers, swiftly find organizational resources, search for experts and corporate information, manage their daily work routines, and many other valuable features.

Depending on the size of your organization and the depth of collaboration required, SharePoint Online offers different plans to suit varied needs. Combined with other Microsoft 365 offerings, SharePoint Online can be an essential element in building a robust, effective, and integrated digital workplace.

Disclaimer: This summary is a reinterpretation of a blog post authored by Nate Chamberlain. All credit for the original work and ideas goes to him.

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SharePoint Online - Schedule SharePoint Pages & News Posts for Specific Publish Time

Learn about How to schedule SharePoint pages and news posts to publish on a specific date and time

Occasionally, you may have content ready to be shared on your SharePoint Online site, but you might be waiting for an official date or announcement before you can make them public. Fortunately, SharePoint Online offers a feature where you can schedule posts to go live on a chosen date and time.

To use this feature, first, you will need to enable the setting for the Site Pages library. It's crucial to note that only site owners can allow page and news publishing for their site. If you don't have site owner rights, you'll need to ask your site owner to follow these steps.

Enabling scheduling for your SharePoint site is relatively straightforward:

  • Go to Site Contents and select your Site Pages library - this is where your site's pages and news are created and stored.

  • Select 'Scheduling' at the top of the Site Pages library.

  • Switch on the 'Enable scheduling' option.

Once the scheduling has been enabled, all site members can use this timekeeping feature for their pages and news.

When you want to create a post, follow the usual process for creating a page or news post. However, when you're ready to schedule the post, click on 'Page details', then 'Enable Scheduling' and add the 'Publish Start Date/time'. Then select 'Schedule' (this button will change from 'Post/Publish' to 'Schedule' after you've entered the publish start date).

Understanding and utilizing this scheduling feature efficiently can help the team always have fresh and timely content on your SharePoint site. Rather than waiting for the actual date and manually releasing it, scheduling allows your content to go live precisely when you specify, contributing to a better organized and more efficient content management process.

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