Create a Custom GPT in Easy Steps - Ultimate Guide
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Apr 30, 2024 9:00 AM

Create a Custom GPT in Easy Steps - Ultimate Guide

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Create Your Custom GPT: Beginner to Advanced Guide by Kevin Stratvert. Transform AI Interactions!

Key insights


  • Discover what Custom GPTs are and their transformative potential in AI interaction.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to create a new Custom GPT, with options for conversational interface or in-depth customization through the Configure page.
  • Learn how to test and tweak your GPT, including web access, DALLE integration, and external API connectivity.
  • Understand the process to publish your Custom GPT, making it available for use and sharing.
  • Gain insights into creating tools for customer service, educational assistants, or exploring AI capabilities with this accessible guide.

Exploring the World of Custom GPTs

Creating a Custom GPT has opened up new avenues for interaction between humans and artificial intelligence. This process, accessible to both beginners and experienced users, allows for a wide range of customization options, from simple conversational interfaces to highly specialized AI tools integrating unique capabilities. With the ability to integrate with web access, DALLE, and even external APIs, Custom GPTs can be tailored to suit almost any requirement, be it customer service, education, or other innovative applications.

In a comprehensive tutorial provided by Kevin Stratvert, viewers are guided on how to create their own custom GPT. This tutorial is aimed at both beginners and seasoned users, helping to demystify the process of personalizing AI capabilities to suit individual needs. The main focus revolves around making Custom GPTs more accessible to a wider audience.

Understanding Custom GPTs

  • The tutorial begins with an introduction to Custom GPTs, explaining what they are and highlighting their potential to revolutionize how we interact with AI.
  • The importance of Custom GPTs in various applications, such as customer service tools and educational assistants, is emphasized.
  • Viewers gain insights into the versatility and transformative power of tailor-made GPT models in enhancing interactions with technology.

Creating and Customizing Your GPT

  • Step-by-step instructions guide users through creating a new Custom GPT, offering choices between using conversational interfaces or a configuration page for deeper customization.
  • Users learn about important settings including web access, DALLE integration, and connecting to external APIs to increase the GPT's capabilities.
  • The video emphasizes the ease with which individuals can customize their GPT, catering to a variety of needs and interests.

Testing, Improvement, and Publication

  • Kevin Stratvert demonstrates how to effectively test the customized GPT, explore its settings, and refine its functionality.
  • He discusses advanced features such as few-shot learning and how these can be utilized to enhance the GPT's performance.
  • At the culmination of the tutorial, viewers are shown how to publish their Custom GPT, making it available for broader use and sharing.

This video serves as a pivotal guide for anyone interested in exploring All about AI and the creation of personalized AI tools. Stratvert's clear explanations and structured approach make the process of creating Custom GPTs approachable and feasible, irrespective of the user's prior knowledge or experience

All about AI - Create a Custom GPT in Easy Steps - Ultimate Guide


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Can I create my own ChatGPT?

ChatGPT now provides the capability for users to develop new AI bots. With a premium subscription in hand, individuals have the freedom to craft their personal bot tailored for specific needs, or alternatively, they can explore and utilize bots crafted by others available in the ChatGPT store.

How to make your own GPT for free?

The GPT Builder serves as the key to creating a customized GPT at no cost.

How to build a GPT from scratch?

The process of constructing a GPT model from the ground up encompasses several critical steps.

Is custom GPT free?

Affirmatively, CustomGPT extends complimentary access to sitemap tools, enabling users to generate sitemaps free of charge. These invaluable free sitemap tools are accessible via CustomGPT's website at



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