How to import a Microsoft Project schedule into Project for the Web
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Feb 24, 2023 11:00 AM

How to import a Microsoft Project schedule into Project for the Web

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There are several different ways to create a new Project Schedule in the Project for the Web applicaiton

If you are new to Project for the Web, it is a task management application available within Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Unlike Planner , which is an informal, Kanban-style task management tool, Project for the Web allows you to set dependencies on the tasks, populate tasks with effort, and create custom fields. I introduced you to this wonderful application in an earlier article of mine.

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Importing a Microsoft Project schedule into Project for the Web allows users to take advantage of the powerful features available in both products. This can be done by exporting your project from Microsoft Project as an XML file and then importing it into Project for the Web.

The import process will automatically convert all tasks, resources, durations, dates and other details from your existing project plan into a new one that is compatible with Project for the Web. Additionally, any custom fields you have created in Microsoft Project will also be imported along with their data values. Once imported, you can use all of the features available in both programs to manage your projects more effectively and efficiently.

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