How to get a file path to a file in SharePoint Online
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Jan 28, 2023 3:37 PM

How to get a file path to a file in SharePoint Online

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In this quick video, I show you how you can quickly get a direct file path to a file in SharePoint.

Getting the file path to a file in SharePoint Online is an important task. You can find the file path by navigating to the folder or document library where your file resides, right clicking on it and selecting “Copy Link” from the context menu. The link that is copied will be the full URL of your file within SharePoint Online. Alternatively, you can also view the properties of a specific item (file) in SharePoint Online by hovering over its name and then clicking on "Details" from the popup window. This will open up a panel containing information about that particular item such as its File Path which you can copy for later use.

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