Finding Teams Channels With a Wiki Tab
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Sep 26, 2023 12:46 PM

Finding Teams Channels With a Wiki Tab

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Discover how to find Teams Channels with a Wiki Tab to plan for the transition from Teams Wiki to OneNote.

In July 2022, Microsoft announced the halt of automatic wiki tab provisioning for new Teams Channels. Microsoft followed with news of retiring the Teams wiki app in February 2023 (MC496248) early this year. Microsoft's new replacement is OneNote, now Teams Channels users work with OneNote after migration to OneNote notebooks stored in SharePoint Online.

Microsoft plans to deliver a migration app to move existing wiki content to OneNote by mid-February. The final phase of this plan is to get rid of the Teams wiki app and tab altogether from Teams Channels. The overall response to this move by Microsoft has been quite positive.

OneNote has a lot more functional application and unlike Teams wiki, it has managed to win over a majority of customers. However, some amount of preparatory work is necessary for a smooth transition. This has sparked a series of questions— chiefly being, which Teams Channels have wiki? If yes, do the wikis contain information worthy enough to be migrated?

While scanning the SharePoint Online site and examining the wiki files' update date can hint at wiki's activity, measuring the wiki content's worth might not be that easy. 'Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder' and the applicability of this statement certainly stands true here. What might appear as rubbish to one might hold critical importance to another. However, a tabulated data of Teams Channels with wikis can help navigate this uncertain terrain.

In response to the above issue, I wrote a PowerShell script that uses Graph API requests to tabulate the channels and apps utilized by Teams Channels. I further modified this code to include a wiki report and replaced the Graph API requests with cmdlets from the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK. This allows the script to run without needing a separate registered Azure AD app.

Using the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK simplifies things to a great degree by not needing a registered app. The Graph documentation is undergoing a gradual upgrade and now includes PowerShell examples that utilize SDK cmdlets. For instance, the 'Get channel API' fetches channel details in a team. It provides examples on using the Get-MgTeamChannel cmdlet.

Another crucial piece of information provided is the application permission required to run an API request (or a similar cmdlet), such as the ChannelSettings.Read.All permission required for fetching channel settings. A detailed article on working out Graph permissions is also provided for further assistance.

Finding Teams Channels with Wiki

The steps are quite simple—begin with finding all teams using the Get-MgTeam cmdlet, then find all channels in each team with the Get-MgTeamChannel cmdlet. Examine the tabs in each channel with the Get-TeamChannelTab cmdlet and gather relevant information, and finally, generate the wiki report of Teams Channels.

This report can be saved either as a CSV file or Excel. Do note that this PowerShell script can be customized as per individual needs. So, step in and have fun tracking those elusive wikis!

For more specific information, please follow this link Teams Channels

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Teams Channels - Guide to Finding Teams Channels With a Wiki Tab

Learn about How to Find Teams Channels With a Wiki Tab

The technosphere has recently been abuzz with Microsoft's announcement to retire the automatic provisioning of a wiki tab for Teams channels in favor of OneNote. While the upgrade is welcomed by users who find OneNote more functional, it does present a need for preparatory steps to smoothly transition into this new update. The first question that arises is about identifying which Teams channels have a wiki, and subsequently assessing if any of these wikis contain anything worth migrating.

In order to find tabs and applications used by Teams channels, I previously wrote a PowerShell script that utilized Graph API. This script can be modified to generate a wiki report and replace the Graph API requests with Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK cmdlets. This will then allow the script to function without the need of creating a registered Azure AD app. This is crucial for management of teams in the digital workspace platform provided by Microsoft.

Another notable feature is that Microsoft is gradually upgrading Graph documentation to include PowerShell examples which showcase SDK cmdlets. For instance, the Get channel API returns details of a channel in a team and demonstrates how to use the Get-MgTeamChannel cmdlet. This further opens possibilities for seamless and efficient management of channels within teams without the need for registered apps.

To generate a Teams channels with wiki report the steps are pretty straightforward. Firstly, you identify all teams with the Get-MgTeam cmdlet and ensure to use the Select-MgProfile cmdlet to connect to the Graph beta endpoint because Get-MgTeam doesn't support fetching all teams with the V1.0 endpoint. Secondly, for each team, find all channels with the Get-MgTeamChannel cmdlet. Thirdly, for each channel, you inspect the tabs with the Get-TeamChannelTab cmdlet and collect essential information. Finally, generate the report of Teams wikis. This streamlined process retrieves essential information and provides a useful guide for wiki migration.

The script leverages pure PowerShell and can be customized for individual requirements. This equips businesses to track their wikis and further prepare for the imminent transition.

In conclusion, Microsoft's transition from the wiki tab to OneNote for Teams channels represents a step toward improved functionality and favorable user experience. Although this change demands some initial work, tools like the mentioned PowerShell script makes finding and reporting wikis an easy task. This proactive approach will ensure smooth migration into OneNote, promoting a more effective and efficient collaboration for users.

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