How to enable Bing Chat Enterprise
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Jul 26, 2023 2:00 PM

How to enable Bing Chat Enterprise

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Bing Chat has been around a while now, but it has raised concerns - along with ChatGPT in terms of privacy and how, and if businesses can safely use it

Bing Chat Enterprise is a new AI-powered chat feature developed by Microsoft, currently available in a Preview version. It offers secure chat functionalities for businesses, protecting both user and company data from leaks. Unlike many chat systems, it does not save chat data nor allow Microsoft to access it, preventing the misuse of data and ensuring privacy.

This data protection method also avoids using user data to train the AI models.
The service aims to improve work efficiency by providing robust features such as industry research insights, data analysis, and creative inspiration. As with the original Bing Chat, Bing Chat Enterprise is based on web data, providing comprehensive answers with citations and visual aids such as graphs and charts. The design adheres to Microsoft's commitment to data protection and efficient communication.

Turn on Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Chat Enterprise is on by default for customers licensed for Microsoft 365 E5, E3, Business Premium, and Business Standard in mid-August 2023.

To enable Bing Chat Enterprise before mid-August, your organization needs to have the following configuration completed by a Global admin or Search admin:

  1. Ensure the Microsoft Search in Bing setting in the Microsoft 365 admin center is turned on. Note: Turning off the Microsoft Search in Bing setting in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center prevents the use of a Microsoft Entra ID (currently known as Azure Active Directory) workplace identity with Bing. With this setting, Bing Chat Enterprise isn't accessible and Bing Chat is only available for unauthenticated users or those logged in with a personal Microsoft Account.
  2. Go to to opt in to Bing Chat Enterprise.
  3. Confirm none of the settings to manage Bing Chat are preventing access to Bing Chat.

This change may take 2-4 hours to go into effect.

Users with eligible licenses with the above configuration receive Bing Chat Enterprise when using Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge and Edge sidebar.

Turn off Bing Chat Enterprise

To permanently turn off Bing Chat Enterprise or turn off Bing Chat Enterprise after enabling it:

Go to to opt out of Bing Chat Enterprise. It may take 2-4 hours for this change to go into effect.

If you follow this step to turn off Bing Chat Enterprise, it will not be turned on by default in mid-August.


Bing Chat has been a significant presence for some time, but it has raised issues such as privacy and data protection in business use. The solution comes in the form of Bing Chat Enterprise, as introduced by Microsoft at the MS Inspire event. Bing Chat Enterprise prioritizes privacy and once enabled on Microsoft 365 tenants, it doesn't use the provided inputs to train Microsoft's Large Language Models. A video tutorial demonstrating the enabling of Bing Chat Enterprise for your tenant is available. More information and management of Bing Chat Enterprise can be found on the provided link to Microsoft's website.

  • Microsoft 365 tenants can now enjoy enhanced privacy with Bing Chat Enterprise.
  • Unlike the regular version, Bing Chat Enterprise doesn't use data to train Large Language Models.
  • Additional content and resources are accessible via the given website link.

Further Insights on Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Chat Enterprise is a progressive approach to chat functionality, specifically catering to the needs of businesses. With its distinctive privacy features, it raises the bar for secure communication, particularly for Microsoft 365 users. Furthermore, it avoids using provided data for training its Language Models, resulting in safer communication and data protection. Getting started with Bing Chat Enterprise is hassle-free, thanks to Microsoft's instructional video and comprehensive resources available on their website.

Learn about How to enable Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Chat Enterprise is a feature of Microsoft 365 tenants that is designed to provide enhanced privacy for data and conversations. It prevents Microsoft's Large Language Models from using the input to train, while still allowing businesses to use the chat feature. To enable this feature, administrators must access the Manage Bing Chat Enterprise page on the Microsoft Learn website. Additionally, administrators must also be aware of the potential risks associated with using chatbot technology, such as ChatGPT, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is important to remember to always consider the implications of using AI and Machine Learning when introducing new technology into a business environment.

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