How to embed videos on a SharePoint Page
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Sep 6, 2023 11:30 AM

How to embed videos on a SharePoint Page

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In this video, I explain how you can embed videos that you store in SharePoint (the new Stream), on any SharePoint page. For more info, read this article as wel

This text discusses how one can embed videos into a SharePoint page. The videos are specifically stored in SharePoint's new Stream feature. To find more information on this subject, you can read an enlightening article on SharePoint Maven's webpage. Also offered on SharePoint Maven's website are a variety of online courses to help delve deeper into this software's capacities.

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Embedding videos into a SharePoint page can significantly enhance the visual appeal and interactive element of the page. Such a feature offers incredibly useful for businesses or educational platforms who wish to share informative or illustrative videos within the confines of their SharePoint interface. SharePoint's Stream feature is a comprehensive and integrated video service making the process more comfortable. With further help available via SharePoint Maven, anyone can learn to perfect this feature.

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In this article, you can learn how to embed videos that you store in SharePoint (the new Stream) on any SharePoint page. It explains the step-by-step process of embedding videos on a SharePoint page. Additionally, you can also learn about the various ways to get help if you need further assistance. This includes hourly consulting, configuration, and live training that are available through SharePoint Maven Academy.

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