Ultimate Guide: Create SharePoint Newsletters & Digests
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May 13, 2024 1:14 PM

Ultimate Guide: Create SharePoint Newsletters & Digests

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Step-by-Step SharePoint Newsletter & News Digest Creation Tutorial!

Key insights


  • Understanding the difference between a Newsletter and News Digest is crucial; a Newsletter refers to a single announcement via email, while a News Digest combines multiple announcements.
  • Before creating Newsletters and News Digests, setting up a Communication Site using the correct template is essential for the specific use case.
  • Ensuring read-only access to the site for employees is necessary to allow them to access Newsletters and News Digests.
  • The News Web Part is a key tool in managing the creation of Newsletters and News Digests, offering various capabilities for effective news dissemination.
  • Microsoft has introduced "Made for Email" Templates, specifically designed for Newsletter email distribution, optimizing the format for email engagement.

Expanding on SharePoint's Newsletters and News Digests

SharePoint offers a dynamic platform for creating and distributing Newsletters and News Digests, catering to internal communication needs within organizations. The distinction between Newsletters, designed for singular announcements, and News Digests, which aggregate multiple news items, provides flexibility in how information is shared. Establishing a Communication Site is a preliminary step, ensuring the content is housed on an appropriate template. Critical to content access is the management of site permissions, where read-only access grants employees the ability to engage with the newsletters and digests without altering the content.

The utilization of the News Web Part simplifies the management of news content, allowing for the efficient creation and dissemination of information. The differentiation between News Post and News Link addresses the diversity of content sources, enabling the incorporation of both internally generated posts and externally sourced links. Moreover, the introduction of "Made for Email" templates by Microsoft represents a significant advancement, presenting pre-configured options that are fine-tuned for email distribution, enhancing the readability and engagement of newsletters sent via email.

For organizations seeking to personalize their communication, the ability to create custom Newsletter Templates offers an avenue to brand and stylize their messages, aligning with the corporate identity. This capability, along with the comprehensive tools provided by SharePoint, underscores the platform's value in facilitating effective internal communication strategies through newsletters and news digests.

Introduction to SharePoint News Distribution

In a detailed tutorial, "SharePoint Maven Inc" elaborates on the process of creating and distributing SharePoint Newsletters and News Digests. The guidance provided covers from the creation of news and announcements within SharePoint Sites and pages to sharing them via email with employees, focusing on optimizing SharePoint newsletters and News Digests for email distribution.

Understanding the Basics

The tutorial starts by distinguishing between a Newsletter and a News Digest, where the former refers to single email announcements and the latter encompasses multiple announcements within a single email. It emphasizes the necessity of a Communication Site for creating such newsletters and digests, along with setting up appropriate site permissions to ensure employee access.

The effectiveness of SharePoint's News Web Part is explored as it facilitates the management of these newsletters and digests. The viewer is taught the differences between a News Post and a News Link, with the former being a personally created announcement and the latter referring to sharing externally published content on a SharePoint Site.

Advanced Features and Tools

Key to the process is the use of the Site Pages Library, which stores all pages, news posts, and links. This is vital for those looking to create a significant number of news posts and newsletters. Another notable mention is the introduction of "Made for Email" Templates by Microsoft, designed specifically for email distribution, making newsletters more accessible and user-friendly.

Moreover, for companies aiming to customize their Newsletter’s appearance, the tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on creating a personalized Newsletter Template. This feature allows for a unique look and feel, further enhancing the brand’s identity through internal communications.




People also ask

How to make a news digest in SharePoint?

Creating a news digest in SharePoint involves the consolidation and organization of various news posts into a summarized format, allowing users to send a comprehensive overview via email. This feature is particularly useful for disseminating important updates or highlights across a team or organization efficiently.

How to create a news feed in SharePoint?

To establish a news feed in SharePoint, one must utilize the News web part on a SharePoint site. This web part dynamically aggregates and displays news posts from across different sites, ensuring that team members remain well-informed about relevant announcements and updates within the SharePoint environment.

How to create a news post template in SharePoint?

In order to design a news post template in SharePoint, it is essential to utilize the 'Save as template' option available within the news post feature. This capability allows for the creation and reuse of a predefined layout and format for news posts, streamlining the process of publishing consistent and structured updates.

How do I turn a SharePoint page into a news post?

Converting a SharePoint page into a news post can be achieved by navigating to the page in question, selecting the 'Promote' button, and then choosing the 'Post as news' option. This action transforms the page into a news article, making it readily accessible and visible as part of the site's newsfeed, thereby enhancing its visibility and reach among users.



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