Teams Build Strong Communities Easily with Microsoft 365
Viva Engage (Yammer)
May 1, 2024 10:28 AM

Teams Build Strong Communities Easily with Microsoft 365

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Unlock the Secrets of Building Vibrant Communities in Microsoft 365 with Viva Engage

Key insights


  • Understand the history and evolution of Yammer into Viva Engage and its significance in building communities within Microsoft 365.
  • Learn how to access Viva Engage and post content to support various topics and foster community interaction.
  • Discover the process of setting up and customizing new communities, focusing on structure and features to enhance user experience.
  • Find out how to manage community features effectively, including creating posts, organizing groups, and driving engagement.
  • See how integration with tools like Teams and Outlook streamlines community access and interactions, while Story Posts add a social media-like dynamic.

Exploring Viva Engage in Microsoft 365

Viva Engage stands as a cornerstone in building vibrant communities within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Initially known as Yammer, its renovation into Viva Engage marked a revolutionary step towards enhancing organizational communication and collaboration. This integration has made it easier for managers, teams, and interest groups to foster a cohesive, engaged, and productive community environment. The platform allows for seamless sharing, management, and engagement in content across various spheres of interests, driving forward a culture of connectivity and shared knowledge.

Creating and managing communities have become more intuitive with Viva Engage. The process involves setting up new communities, customizing their features to suit specific needs, and using innovative tools to drive engagement. The addition of Story Posts injects a social element, encouraging more interactive and personal connections among users. Moreover, Viva Engage's seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook optimizes user experience by ensuring ease of access and facilitating smoother communication flows.

Executive Summary: This blog post, authored by Scott Brant, serves as a comprehensive guide to building vibrant communities within Microsoft 365 by leveraging Viva Engage (previously known as Yammer). It outlines a variety of topics including the history and resurgence of Yammer under its new guise, how to efficiently access and post content on Viva Engage, and best practices for creating and nurturing online communities.

The Evolution of Yammer to Viva Engage: The initial segment delves into the transformation of Yammer into Viva Engage. The author emphasizes its significant role in fostering community-building within Microsoft 365, marking a revival of its functionalities. This integration is celebrated as a tool for enhancing team and organizational communication.

Building Communities on Viva Engage: Next, the blog post guides readers through the practical steps of setting up a new community, including management techniques and customization options. It clearly lists down tips for posting content and how to generate active participation and engagement among members, ensuring a lively online community.

Engagement and Integration Strategies: Further, it highlights the innovative feature of Story Posts in Viva Engage that adds a social media-like feel to community interactions. The integration with Teams and Outlook is discussed as a critical step for streamlining community management and interaction, followed by strategies to encourage consistent engagement within the community.

Overall, the blog post covers key aspects to understand and utilize Viva Engage effectively within Microsoft 365, from its historical background to practical engagement techniques. The emphasis is on easy accessibility, structured community management, and the importance of consistent engagement for community growth.

Understanding Viva Engage in Microsoft 365

Viva Engage, formerly known as Yammer, represents a pivotal shift in Microsoft's strategy to enhance digital collaboration and community-building within organizations. With a focus on creating a cohesive and engaging online environment, Viva Engage offers tools that facilitate easy communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among team members and across the organization. Its integration into Microsoft 365 simplifies the process of community management, making it accessible to everyone from team leaders to interest groups.

The revitalization of Yammer into Viva Engage underscores Microsoft's commitment to evolving its suite of productivity tools. This transformation involves a deeper integration with Teams and Outlook, ensuring that communities are more interconnected and that members have seamless access to discussions, content, and resources. Such enhancements strengthen the fabric of internal communications, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared purpose among members.

Moreover, Viva Engage emphasizes the power of community-driven innovation and learning. By launching Story Posts, it taps into the familiar dynamics of social media, encouraging more organic and authentic sharing of insights, stories, and experiences. This approach not only enriches the community content but also boosts participation and engagement levels, driving value for both individuals and the organization as a whole. Through strategic engagement initiatives and the integration of Viva Engage within Microsoft 365's ecosystem, organizations can unlock new avenues for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective growth.


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