How to Create and manage Document Sets in SharePoint
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Dec 16, 2022 12:00 AM

How to Create and manage Document Sets in SharePoint

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In this video I will guide you in detail what document set is and how to create and manage it on daily basis

Create and manage Document Sets

After a Document Set content type has been added to a document library, you can use it to create new multi-document work products. Additionally, when you click the folder for a Document Set to open it, you are taken to a Welcome Page that you can use to manage the content in the Document Set.

Introduction to Document Sets

A Document Set is a group of related documents that you can manage as a single entity. You can create a Document Set in a single step, and then define its characteristics and metadata.

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SharePoint has been used, over the last 10+ years, mainly for two things: Intranet Portals & Document Management. In the past, I have shared my opinion about the state of the Intranet. The topic of Document Management, I haven’t touched in a while.