Oct 20, 2022 12:00 AM

How to create a Power Platform Hub or Community in SharePoint

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Set up your own SharePoint Hub or Teams site

Set up your own SharePoint Hub or Teams site to share success stories, upcoming events, rules of engagement, and guidelines with your maker community - or get started with the Power Platform Hub.

This site should be a one-stop shop for makers to find out everything they need to get started with Microsoft Power Platform.

Here are a few tips on what the wiki should include:

  • Training and reusable resources: Share internal and external training resources, reusable components and templates, and any brand guidelines or naming conventions you want your makers to follow.
  • Community: Share how to engage with the internal community, how to become a champion, how to find a mentor, and what the benefits of the community are.
  • Environment strategy: Share what environments are available and how to request access to existing environments or request new environments; additionally, ensure makers know the boundaries of environments, licensing, security, and connectors.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) policy strategy: Share which connectors are available in which environments and how to request more connectors or a new environment for a specific project.
  • Responsibilities of a maker: Share what a maker is responsible for—for exa

Microsoft Power Platform hub

At the heart of growth is a community, a place for people to collaborate, share ideas, and discover new ways to apply technology to achieve more. A community is a safe place to ask questions to share tacit knowledge and expand skill sets.