Creating a Planner Task from a New SharePoint List Item
Sep 29, 2023 11:30 AM

Creating a Planner Task from a New SharePoint List Item

by HubSite 365 about Nate Chamberlain [MVP]

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Revolutionize team productivity with Power Automate; create Planner tasks inspired by new SharePoint list items.

In this YouTube video, Microsoft MVP Nate Chamberlain outlines a straightforward process on how to generate a Planner task from a new SharePoint list item. This educational video is geared toward helping viewers to efficiently construct a simple Power Automate flow to automate task creation in their team's Planner plan whenever a new list item is added to a SharePoint list.

Chamberlain provides a working example that demonstrates how the resulting Planner task can be automatically assigned to whoever has been listed as the 'Assigned To' individual in the SharePoint list. This process aims at streamlining task assignment, promoting transparency and providing a more organized task management within a team setup.

Digging Deeper into SharePoint and Planner Integration

SharePoint and Planner, both products of Microsoft, can be integrated with the help of Power Automate to establish an automated workflow. This is critical in ensuring seamless and efficient task tracking in any team setup. When a new item gets added to a SharePoint list, this method helps in automatically generating a Planner task for the same, thereby eliminating the need for manual entry.

In the example shown in the video, Chamberlain demonstrates how one can set up the Power Automate flow for the system to automatically assign the task to the 'Assigned To' individual from the SharePoint list. This means less time spent on manually tracking and assigning tasks and more time on productive work. This integration helps in creating a more organized, efficient, and transparent working system where tasks can be monitored and tracked for their progress, and individuals are aware of their responsibilities in real time.

Learn about How to create a Planner task from a new SharePoint list item

The YouTube video tutorial focuses on simplifying task management within a team through Power Automate's integration of Planner and SharePoint in Microsoft 365. It provides a guide on creating an automatic workflow that generates a task in Planner whenever a new item is added to a SharePoint list.

This workflow greatly enhances task management and accountability within teams, as the task generated in Planner automatically assigns to the individual listed in the 'Assigned To' field of the SharePoint list item. In essence, it eliminates the need for manual input and ensures that task responsibilities are promptly communicated.

  • Key takeaway: Understanding the integration of Planner and SharePoint via Power Automate and how to create automated workflows for task assignments within a team.
  • Learning more about this topic: Familiarize yourself with Planner, SharePoint, and Power Automate within Microsoft 365. You could also explore the setting up of lists in SharePoint and task assignments in Planner.
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