Step-by-Step Guide to Launching A Viva Engage Community
Viva Engage (Yammer)
Feb 1, 2024 12:00 PM

Step-by-Step Guide to Launching A Viva Engage Community

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Key insights

Key Insights:

  • Building relationships and sharing knowledge are core benefits of creating a community in Viva Engage (Yammer), making it a valuable tool for improving communication and collaboration among employees.

  • Communities in Viva Engage boost employee engagement and satisfaction by helping them feel more connected to their organization and colleagues, thereby fostering a better company culture.

  • To start a community, one must choose a topic, name the community, write a description, set the privacy settings, add members, promote the community, engage with members, use community features, and measure its success.

  • Public vs. private settings play a crucial role, where public communities allow open access to any organization member, while private ones require approval to join.

  • Active participation and fostering meaningful interactions are essential for a community's growth, emphasizing the importance of utilizing Viva Engage's tools like polls, discussions, and file sharing to enhance engagement.

Expanding on Viva Engage Communities

Viva Engage, built on Microsoft's Yammer, offers a dynamic platform for creating specialized communities within an organization. It serves as a bridge connecting employees across different levels and departments, breaking down traditional silos that often hinder collaboration and communication. By fostering an environment where ideas can freely circulate, employees gain a unique opportunity to contribute to their company's culture and objectives with their insights and expertise.

Creating a community in Viva Engage is not just about having another channel for communications; it's about building a vibrant ecosystem that supports learning, innovation, and a positive workplace environment. Communities can vary widely in their focus, ranging from technical discussions and project collaboration to more social and interest-based groups. This versatility ensures that every employee can find or create a space that resonates with their professional interests or personal passions.

As organizations become increasingly digital and dispersed, the ability to maintain a strong sense of connection and belonging among employees has never been more critical. Viva Engage communities offer a solution to this challenge, providing a platform for continuous engagement, recognition, and the building of meaningful relationships. Consequently, they play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall employee experience and contributing to a culture of inclusivity and open dialogue.

In conclusion, Viva Engage communities represent a forward-thinking approach to leveraging social technology in the workplace. They not only facilitate improved collaboration and communication but also play a significant role in enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction, thereby contributing to a healthier, more dynamic company culture.

Creating a new community in Viva Engage (Yammer) is a way to build a virtual space for people with shared interests or goals to connect and collaborate. This platform is ideal for building relationships, sharing knowledge, and offering support. The creation of such communities is key to improving communication, collaboration, and creating a positive work environment.

Communities in Viva Engage offer several benefits including improved communication and collaboration, enhanced employee engagement, increased employee satisfaction, and a more positive company culture. These communities serve as a platform for employees to share ideas, work on projects together, and feel more connected to their colleagues and organization.

When creating a community, it is important to decide on a focused topic, give your community a descriptive name, and write a clear description of its purpose and how members can contribute. Adjusting the privacy settings allows control over the community's accessibility. Communities can be public to anyone in the organization or private, requiring approval to join.

Adding members who share the community’s interests or are relevant to its topic is crucial. Promotion of the community via company intranets, social media, and other platforms helps in growing the membership. Engagement with members through active participation in discussions and encouraging their contributions fosters a vibrant community environment.

Utilizing the features offered by Viva Engage, such as polls, discussions, and file sharing, can greatly enhance member engagement within the community. Measuring the success of the community by tracking activity and engagement helps in identifying areas for improvement. Communities flourish with active participation, meaningful interactions, and a sense of belonging.

Expanding on Viva Engage (Yammer)

Expanding further on the concept of Viva Engage (Yammer), it's important to understand that these digital communities serve as crucial hubs for information sharing and collaboration within organizations. They represent a modern approach to enhancing communication across different levels of a business, breaking down silos that often exist. Engaging in these communities helps employees to not only share their expertise but also to learn from others, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. By actively contributing, employees enhance their visibility and establish themselves as valuable members of their organization. Furthermore, these communities offer a platform for announcing important updates, celebrating achievements, and discussing best practices, contributing to a more informed and cohesive workforce. The success of such a community is determined by the contributions of its members and the value it delivers in connecting people with common interests or objectives. Viva Engage stands out as a tool that leverages the power of community to drive engagement and satisfaction among employees, ultimately leading to a more vibrant, inclusive, and productive work environment.

Creating a new Community in Viva Engage enhances communication, collaboration, and employee satisfaction. A community is a shared digital space for individuals with common interests or goals. It's perfect for relationship building, knowledge sharing, and support.

Benefits of creating a community:

  • Improves communication and collaboration among employees.
  • Boosts employee engagement and connection to the organization.
  • Increases employee satisfaction for a more fulfilling job experience.
  • Enhances company culture by fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

To start a new community, consider the topic, name it accurately, and write a clear description. Choices between public or private visibility dictate member access. Inviting members who are interested or relevant is crucial.

Steps to create a community:

  • Choose a topic for your community focusing on a department, project, or interest.
  • Name your community concisely to reflect its purpose.
  • Describe the community's purpose, benefits, and contribution opportunities.
  • Decide on privacy settings: public for open access or private for controlled entry.

Promotion is key to growing your community. Use company intranets and social media for awareness. Engage with members through discussions, answer questions, and utilize Viva Engage's features like polls and file sharing to maintain interest and participation.

  • Invite people with shared interests or relevance to the community's topic.
  • Promote your community across various platforms to raise awareness.
  • Engage with members actively to encourage frequent contributions.
  • Use available tools for better interaction and measure the community's success for growth opportunities.

Understanding Communities in Corporate Environments

Communities in corporate settings, like those created in Viva Engage, serve as essential hubs for teamwork, innovation, and employee engagement. They provide a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices, which in turn enhances company culture and drives business success. Actively managed communities encourage participation and a sense of belonging among members, leading to higher job satisfaction and productivity. Moreover, they help in breaking down silos within organizations by facilitating cross-departmental collaboration. As the digital workplace continues to evolve, embracing communities will be integral to fostering a connected, satisfied, and more agile workforce.

Viva Engage (Yammer) - Step-by-Step Guide to Launching A Viva Engage Community

People also ask

How do I add a community to Viva Engage?

To incorporate a community within Viva Engage, navigate to the screen's bottom-right corner and select the option for 'Create a community.' Proceed to designate a name for your community under the 'Name' section.

How do I Create a new community on Yammer?

To initiate a new community on Yammer, adhere to the specified instructions:

How do I add a community to my Yammer post?

To include a community in your Yammer post, initiate by selecting 'Create a Team' from the Teams tab, or 'Add a Request' from the Requests tab. This presents the user with the option to designate the Yammer community as private or public. It is important to note that Yammer communities are established without the need for selecting templates.

Is Viva Engage and Yammer the same thing?

In the evolution of digital communication, platforms geared towards enterprise social networking have seen a surge in popularity, with Yammer being a notable example for Internal Communications. As of Summer 2023, Yammer commenced its transformation into Microsoft Viva Engage, aligning itself under the broader umbrella of Microsoft's Viva platform.


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