Copy Text from Images in OneNote on Windows & Mac
Feb 22, 2024 4:20 PM

Copy Text from Images in OneNote on Windows & Mac

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Unlock Text from Images with OneNote on PC and Mac: Effortless Copy Tips!

Key insights

Copying text from images using OneNote on both Windows and Mac platforms allows users to effortlessly extract text from pictures, be it a business card or a screenshot.

  • OneNote for Windows is accessible as a desktop app and a Windows 10 app, offering extensive features, functionality, and the ability to store notebooks both locally and in the cloud.
  • It supports advanced ink and handwriting recognition and integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Office applications.
  • Conversely, OneNote for Mac is only available as a desktop app, presenting limited features and functionality, with notebooks only storable in the cloud and restricted ink capabilities.
  • Despite these limitations, Mac users can still integrate OneNote with other Microsoft Office applications, albeit not as comprehensively as the Windows version.
  • The video tutorial emphasizes the ease of extracting text from photos using OneNote and encourages viewers to subscribe for more useful tips.

Understanding OneNote's Image Text Extraction Feature

OneNote's ability to copy text from images offers a convenient solution for users needing to digitize written information. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who deal with business cards or anyone who needs to save information from a physical to a digital format without manual typing. It highlights the evolving capabilities of note-taking applications, making them not just a tool for jotting down ideas but also a powerful resource for information management and integration. Whether using Windows or Mac, OneNote presents a valuable feature set designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. However, the disparity between the versions underscores the importance of choosing the right platform to match one's needs, particularly in regard to feature availability, cloud storage preferences, and application integration.

Learn how to effortlessly extract text from pictures using OneNote on both Windows and Mac platforms. This capability is particularly useful for digitizing information from business cards or converting screenshots into editable text. The tutorial video provided by Aldo James simplifies the process and encourages viewers to subscribe for more useful tips.

OneNote is versatile, offering distinct versions for Windows users. The desktop app and the Windows 10 app provide a rich set of features, allowing users to save notebooks both locally and on the cloud. Its capabilities extend to extensive use of ink and handwriting, along with seamless integration into the broader Microsoft Office suite.

Mac users, on the other hand, have access to a desktop app version of OneNote with somewhat limited features compared to its Windows counterpart. Despite this, it supports cloud storage for notebooks but offers restricted ink and handwriting features. Its integration with other Microsoft Office applications exists, albeit not as deeply as seen in the Windows version.

Exploring OneNote's Versatility Across Platforms

OneNote, a powerful note-taking tool, provides users with flexibility and efficiency, whether they're on Windows or Mac. It excels in transforming images into text, making it indispensable for professionals and students alike. By supporting different storage options and offering an array of features, it caters to varied user needs.

For Windows users, OneNote shines by offering both a desktop and a specially designed Windows 10 app, boasting advanced features such as local and cloud storage, comprehensive ink and handwriting support, and robust integration with the Microsoft Office ecosystem.

Mac users, albeit with a slightly reduced feature set, still benefit from the core functionalities of OneNote. The ability to store notebooks in the cloud, coupled with basic ink and handwriting capabilities, ensures that they are not left behind. Even though the integration with Microsoft Office isn't as deep as on Windows, it remains sufficiently integrated to maintain workflow efficiency.

The tutorial video by Aldo James serves as a practical guide for leveraging OneNote to its full potential, highlighting its adaptability across different operating systems. By providing step-by-step instructions on how to copy text from images, it demystifies the process, enhancing productivity for its users.

Whether used for professional or personal purposes, understanding how to utilize such a versatile tool can significantly streamline daily tasks. This guide not only educates but also empowers users to harness the full capabilities of OneNote, simplifying what might otherwise be a daunting task. Subscribe to Aldo James’s channel for more insights and tips on making the most of OneNote and other software tools.


How to Copy Text from an Image in OneNote

Learn how to easily copy text from a photo using OneNote on your PC or Mac! Whether it's a business card or a screenshot, this tool simplifies the process. The video demonstrates the procedure and encourages subscribing for more useful tips.

  • Available as a desktop app and a Windows 10 app
  • More features and functionality
  • Can store notebooks locally or in the cloud
  • Can use ink and handwriting more extensively
  • Can integrate with other Microsoft Office applications

For users of OneNote for Mac, the options are a bit more limited. This version is available only as a desktop app, has fewer features, and offers limited ink and handwriting capabilities. However, it still provides integration with Microsoft Office, albeit not as extensively as its Windows counterpart.

  • Available as a desktop app only
  • Fewer features and functionality
  • Can only store notebooks in the cloud
  • Limited ink and handwriting capabilities
  • Can integrate with other Microsoft Office applications, but not to the same extent

Understanding OneNote's capabilities across platforms

OneNote is a versatile app that helps users capture and organize digital notes across various devices. This tool stands out for its ability to extract text from images, a feature incredibly useful for both Windows and Mac users. For those on Windows, they benefit from additional features, more extensive handwriting capabilities, and options for local or cloud storage. Mac users, while facing limitations in functionality and integrations compared to Windows, still find value in its core offerings. Across both platforms, the integration with Microsoft Office applications enhances productivity, making OneNote a valuable tool for anyone looking to streamline their note-taking process.

OneNote - Copy Text from Images in OneNote on Windows & Mac

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Questions and Answers about Microsoft 365

"How do I copy text from a Picture in OneNote Mac?"

Choose the option to 'copy text from picture', then click somewhere outside the selected area and proceed by hitting the 'paste' button to transfer the copied text to your desired location.

"How do I extract text from an image in OneNote?"

To extract text, simply use the feature to extract text from a particular image.

"How do I extract text from a Picture in Windows?"

Utilize the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Windows + Shift + T” and highlight the area of interest from where you aim to extract text. The Text Extractor tool will automatically capture the text and save it to your clipboard. Subsequently, open Notepad or your preferred text editor and insert the text using “Ctrl + V“ to paste.

"How can I extract text from an image on Mac?"

Using the Preview app on your Mac, load the photo or image containing the text you wish to extract. Hover the pointer over the text, and select the text by dragging over it, right-click your selection, then opt for Copy. Following this, you are able to paste the copied text into another document or application of your choice.


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