How To Connect To On-Premises Data In Microsoft Fabric
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Sep 8, 2023 5:00 AM

How To Connect To On-Premises Data In Microsoft Fabric

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Learn how to effortlessly connect and visualize your on-premises data using Microsoft Fabric Lakehouses. Discover the seamless process of establishing a secure

This article describes the process of connecting to on-premises data using Microsoft Fabric Lakehouses. To accomplish this, a data gateway must be installed on the user's machine. Microsoft Fabric supports numerous on-premises and cloud data sources, all with varying requirements. The article outlines how to connect an Azure SQL Server as a cloud data source, and notes that similar steps can be followed for other sources.

Despite still being in preview, Microsoft Fabric offers a robust set of functionalities for managing and manipulating data. This includes pipelines and Kusto with plans to extend to other items. Personal cloud connections can be created in datasets, datamarts and dataflows using Power Query Online in the "get data" function.

  • The "Settings" icon in the Microsoft Fabric service is used for managing connections and gateways.
  • To add a new data source, select "New" in the Connections tab. Provide necessary information about the data source and choose an authentication method. Note that cross-tenant Azure Active Directory accounts aren't supported.
  • If the connection is successful, a message indicating "Created new connection" appears under Settings.
  • If a data source is obsolete, it can be removed by selecting it and then clicking "Remove".

To manage user access, assigning users and security groups to data sources is necessary. Each data source has different user lists, so users should be assigned to each relevant source. This list only determines who can make use of the data source in related items.


Managing Data Sources In Microsoft Fabric Lakehouses


In managing data sources, users can be added or removed in the "Manage Users" tab. Users should remember they need to add users for each data source they wish to give access to. When it comes to access levels, there are three roles to choose from: User, User with resharing, or Owner. If a user or security group no longer requires access to a data source, they can be removed from the access list in the data source settings.

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This text is about how to connect to on-premise data in Microsoft Fabric. It begins by explaining how to connect and visualize your on-premise data using Microsoft Fabric Lakehouses. The text states the importance of having a data gateway installed on your machine to load your on-prem data to the cloud into Fabric. It further explains that Microsoft Fabric supports many on-premise and cloud data sources, each source having its own requirements. It mentions that this information relates to a prerelease product that might be modified before it's released. The end of the excerpt begins to describe how to select Manage connections and gateways in Microsoft Fabric and add a new data source.


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