Creating Popup Dialog Box in Power Apps With Responsive Containers Guide
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Sep 19, 2023 7:00 AM

Creating Popup Dialog Box in Power Apps With Responsive Containers Guide

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Master Microsoft Power Apps with our tutorial on designing a responsive Popup Dialog Box, enhancing interactivity and functionality.

Power Apps Tutorial by Reza Dorrani

The YouTube video in question, created by Microsoft MVP Reza Dorrani, focuses on how to build a popup dialog box in Power Apps using responsive containers.
Power Apps is a platform for building custom business applications, and understanding how to create such a popup dialog box can greatly enhance user experience and functionality.
Whether you're a regular or first time Power Apps user, this step by step guide is invaluable.

  • Building Fully Responsive Power Apps: the video teaches users how to create apps that can adapt well to different screen behaviours and sizes.
  • Popup Dialogs: the video covers scenarios like how to make a confirmation dialog box for deleting an item and how to create edit form experiences in dialogs to facilitate data addition or updation in SharePoint.
  • Responsive Containers: users are shown how to ensure that their popup dialog box adjusts well to different screen sizes and orientations, hence providing a seamless and user-friendly design.

A sample Power App which is showcased in the video is available for channel members to download.
The video also consists of comprehensive instructions on creating a Responsive PowerApp step by step, building a responsive dialog container, building a confirmation dialog for item deletion in Power Apps, and creating a form control experience in a popup dialog in Power Apps.
Learn to build a potentially Full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) Power App with responsive dialogs.


Deeper Insights

In addition to the step-by-step guide, Reza Dorrani's tutorial video provides practical demonstrations on how to maximize the user experience and functionality of business applications using Microsoft Power Apps. The video is adept at addressing various user scenarios and requirements, ranging from creating responsive Power Apps, meeting data manipulation needs with a popup dialog for data addition/updation, to creating custom confirmation messages for data deletion. By using a hands-on approach, it provides the viewers an immersive learning experience and the ability to apply the skills learned effectively in their unique contexts.

Learn about How to Build a Popup Dialog Box in Power Apps using Responsive Containers


In this tutorial video titled "How to Build a Popup Dialog Box in Power Apps using Responsive Containers", users get a detailed guide on the creation of a functional Popup Dialog Box control with Responsive Containers in Microsoft Power Apps. Viewers at different proficiency levels in Power Apps can benefit from this process.

Microsoft Power Apps is a robust tool for developing custom business applications. A Popup Dialog Box, also known as a Modal window or a message box, enriches user interaction and functionality. The tutorial includes the following topics:

  • Building Fully Responsive Power Apps
  • Popup Dialogs for scenarios such as "Confirmation message dialog to delete an item" & "Edit Form experience in dialogs for users to add or update data in SharePoint"
  • Using Responsive Containers to make your Popup Dialog Box adaptable to different screen sizes and orientations for a consistent, user-friendly design.

An exclusive sample Power App featured in the video is available for download for Channel Members (Silver & Gold Club). The link can be found on the Community Tab for Members. Interested learners can become members here:

Additional resource links includes Power Apps Responsive Modern Forms at and PowerApps Responsive Galleries and Designs at

The video tutorial has a structured table of contents, beginning with an introduction to creating a dialog box in Power Apps, the step-by-step build of a Responsive PowerApp, building a Responsive Dialog container, creating a Power Apps Confirmation Dialog for item deletion and concluding with the Power Apps example of a Full Responsive App & Responsive Dialogs.

To connect with the video author, Reza Dorrani, visit his LinkedIn: and Twitter:


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