Blocking Downloads with Stream on SharePoint
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Sep 30, 2023 8:28 AM

Blocking Downloads with Stream on SharePoint

by HubSite 365 about Lindsay T. Shelton [MVP]

Application Programmer at Stowers Institute for Medical Research | Microsoft MVP in Business Applications | Microsoft Certified Trainer | Master of Science - MS at Emporia State University

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Learn how to block downloads with Stream on SharePoint from well-known Microsoft expert, offering a comprehensive guide for users.

Migrating Stream Classic to SharePoint: Block Downloads

In the blog post by Lindsay T. Shelton [MVP], she presents an intriguing dilemma faced during a Stream Classic migration to SharePoint. Particularly, she discussions the challenge of blocking downloads using the new Stream option. The ability to limit downloads was a crucial feature in Stream Classic, heavily used by a particular department due to legal requirements.

In light of these complexities, Shelton outlines the application of restricted view permissions as a solution, giving step-by-step instructions on how to set up a dedicated document library for Stream Videos in SharePoint, thus ensuring controlled accessibility for the right users.

[p]The setup process involves creating a new document library in the SharePoint site, configuring it to one’s preference, and then fine-tuning the library settings. The library settings offer an option to change permissions for the document library, allowing one to stop inheriting these permissions, thus providing the needed flexibility. Shelton ensures to clarify that this change only impacts permissions for the intended library and leaves other site settings untouched.[p/]

Once the inheritance of permissions has been discontinued, a custom arrangement can be generated for each use case or site. The document library should then be set up so that users, who should not have download access, are given the Restricted View permission type. This setup allows these users to watch the video without being able to download it.

Finally, Shelton suggests testing this setup with a secondary user to ensure its functionality, before proceeding with the migration of other videos into this specific document library. This strategy safeguards the occurrence of unauthorised downloads, consequently maintaining the legal requirements stipulated at the beginning of the migration process.

For detailed information, refer to the complete guide on how to implement these settings in your SharePoint site here.

General Understanding of Stream Migration

Migrating from Stream Classic to SharePoint might seem daunting due to embedded system complexities and change management issues. Nevertheless, understanding that your control over permissions and security doesn't diminish but is only reshaped, could make the process less intimidating.

Blocking downloads, a central feature of Stream Classic, is still feasible in the SharePoint environment. However, it requires a shift from a service-level setting to something more granular. This change shows how SharePoint provides greater control over data accessibility and governance, permitting organizations to comply with regulations and internal policies effectively.

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Stream - Guide: Blocking Downloads with Stream on SharePoint

Learn about How to Block Downloads with Stream on SharePoint

SharePoint and Stream are powerful platforms provided by Microsoft which allow for dynamic collaborations and secure sharing of organizational information. These platforms integrate seamlessly to provide a robust structure for content management. This blog is aimed at providing step-by-step guidelines for blocking downloads on SharePoint using Stream, a splendid service offered by Microsoft for sharing videos and meeting recordings.

However, as organizations switch over to Stream from its earlier version, Stream Classic, numerous doubts and queries emerge, one such query being how to block downloads using Stream on SharePoint. The possibility of blocking downloads was a provision in Stream Classic which was availed by many to maintain security, and in certain cases, was even a legal requirement.

But as luck would have it, this blog has been adorned with the meticulous findings of the erudite John Moore. A Microsoft wizard, Moore regularly shares some exciting insights on Twitter and his YouTube channel which is a treasure trove of helpful tutorials. For people who find instructions too long-winded, the clandestine to blocking downloads is to use "restricted view" permissions.

A common practice to achieve this is by setting up a dedicated document library. This is a prudent step since SharePoint sites often have complex permissions in place, which one would not want to meddle with.

The initial steps include navigating to the SharePoint site, clicking "+New" and finally, clicking "Document Library". Once the Document Library is established, it needs to be provided with an appropriate name and create.

  • Hereafter, enter your newly created, empty document library by clicking the gear icon on the right corner and then "Library Settings".
  • Next, click "More Library Settings" to get directed to a preceding version of SharePoint. The goal would be to reach the "Permissions for this document library" section.

Further steps may involve overriding any default settings with unique permissions, depending upon ...

  • Hereafter, enter your newly created, empty document library by clicking the gear icon on the right corner and then "Library Settings".
  • Next, click "More Library Settings" to get directed to a preceding version of SharePoint. The goal would be to reach the "Permissions for this document library" section.

  • Once in, it’s time to break free from inherited permissions to modify permissions for our dedicated library called "Stream Videos". Changing permissions on this dedicated library will not affect the rest of the site.

    • The important point here is that personnel who shouldn’t be able to download video content should be assigned 'Restricted View' permission.

    The final result would be that users having 'Restricted View' permissions will still have their experience intact with little implications and they will probably not realize they can't download content.

    Embrace Stream on SharePoint and make it work for you. Utilize features such as blocking downloads to control and manage your content the way you want. Huge gratitude to John Moore for easing this migration with useful tips!

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