Enhance Power BI Themes: How to Add Custom Icons
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May 14, 2024 5:07 PM

Enhance Power BI Themes: How to Add Custom Icons

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Enhance Power BI Reports with Custom Icons for Consistent Visuals

Key insights


  • Customizing Power BI themes with your own icons enhances user experience by making icons readily available for consistency and ease of use.
  • Personal icons should be resized, converted to PNG with a transparent background, and encoded in base64 format for integration into Power BI themes.
  • Modifying the JSON theme file involves adding an "icons" object where each icon's base64 code and description are specified.
  • Users can import the modified theme file via the "View" tab in Power BI Desktop, allowing for the utilization of custom icons in reports.
  • Custom icons in Power BI can also be enhanced by utilizing them in visuals like tables through conditional formatting and embedding base64 images.


Exploring Power BI Custom Themes

Power BI empowers users to personalize their data visualization experiences through custom theming, which includes the ability to integrate bespoke icons directly into their reports. By doing so, users can maintain a consistent aesthetic and simplify their workflows. This customization not only saves time but also improves the clarity and effectiveness of data representations. Furthermore, the process of incorporating these custom icons into Power BI involves several clear steps: preparing the icons, modifying the theme's JSON file to include these icons, and finally importing this theme into Power BI. The ability to use these icons in various visuals further enhances the customization capabilities, making data more intuitive and visually engaging for all users.


Introduction to Customizing Themes in Power BI

Creating a unique look for Power BI visuals is easier with the integration of custom icons into themes. Through adding these icons, users enhance both the aesthetics and the utility of their data presentations. This can greatly improve readability and provides a personalized touch that standard icons lack.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Custom Icons

The process begins with preparing your icons. Icons should be resized appropriately, commonly to 50x50 pixels, and they should maintain a PNG format with a transparent background. These icons are then transformed into base64 format, a step which online tools can facilitate.

Next, either modify an existing theme JSON file or create a new one. Within this file, insert an "icons" object where each icon is defined along with its base64 code and an optional description. This incorporation is not merely about design but involves careful curation of visual elements for enhanced data expression.

Finally, to use these icons, import the custom theme within Power BI Desktop. Navigate through the "View" tab, select "Browse for themes," and choose your JSON file. The custom icons are now integrated and ready to be used in various reports, significantly benefiting the visual condensation of data.

Enhancing Visualization with Custom Icons

Adding custom icons add more than just aesthetic appeal; they help in creating more intuitive and streamlined reports. These tailored icons make visuals easy to understand at a glance which is crucial in data-heavy presentations. They also ensure consistency across reports which can enhance brand recognition and professional appearance.

Moreover, this customization removes the clutter of long image URLs in the DAX expressions, thus simplifying the underlying data model. This not only cleans up the visual workspace but also accelerates the report design process. The streamlined integration reinforces the flexibility and power of custom themes in Power BI.


Customizing themes by adding tailored icons offers a significant boost in how information is visualized and interpreted in Power BI. It enables professionals to convey data insights more effectively, ensuring that the visuals are not only attractive but also meaningful. This customization leverages the ability of Power BI to provide a more intuitive interface for complex data sets, making data more accessible and easier to interpret for all business stakeholders.

Power BI - Enhance Power BI Themes: How to Add Custom Icons


People also ask

"How do I add custom icons to Power BI?"

To incorporate custom icons in Power BI, navigate to the format pane, select Style, and then Icon. Choose "Custom" for the Icon type. You can then upload your desired icon image, which should be saved as a .png file or similar format, by browsing through your files.

"How to create a custom theme in Power BI?"

To create a custom theme, use the Power BI Desktop. Customize your theme according to your preferences and then save it directly within the platform.

"How do I add icons to my Power BI table?"

To add icons to a table in Power BI, first create a table or a matrix visual containing some data. Select the visual, go to the properties by clicking on the Paint Roller. Open the Conditional Formatting menu and scroll to find the toggle option for Icons to activate it.

"How to create information Icon in Power BI?"

To create an information icon in Power BI, start by going to the Insert command available in the ribbon toolbar. From there, select the buttons option where you'll find tools to create various icons, including informational ones.



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