How to add Search function in Excel
Jul 7, 2023 1:00 PM

How to add Search function in Excel

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This tutorial explains how to add a search function in Excel. Here are the steps:

  • You start by showing a developed tab, where you can insert an activeX control, specifically a text box.

  • This text box is then placed and its properties are set.

  • In the linked cell property, you choose the cell where the textbox is placed, in this case, F2.

  • You exit the design mode and select the table or content you want to search within.

  • The next step is to go to home and proceed to conditional formatting.

  • A new rule is added and a formula is applied.

  • Finally, you select the format and choose the color you want for the highlighted search.

Excel Search Function in Detail

The Excel Search function improves data handling by allowing quick location of specific entries. It utilizes a text box from the activeX control, linked to a specified cell. This textbox reacts immediately upon typing an input, highlighting the cells within a selected table that match the input. The conditional formatting feature helps apply a visual differentiation to these cells, making the search results more apparent.

Learn about How to add Search function in Excel

Searching in Excel is a useful and powerful feature. It allows you to quickly and easily find information in a large dataset. In order to add a search function in Excel, you must have the Developer tab enabled. Once you have the Developer tab enabled, you can click on the Insert tab and add an ActiveX control, which is a text box. You can then place this text box in the cell you want to search in. Next, you will need to go to the Home tab and select the Conditional Formatting option. You can then choose a new rule and apply a formula to the searchable cell. Finally, you can select the color you want to use for the search results.


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