How to add Loop Components in the Whiteboard
Mar 11, 2023 6:42 PM

How to add Loop Components in the Whiteboard

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Users can copy/paste, view, and edit live Loop components in Whiteboard

Users can copy/paste, view, and edit live Loop components in Whiteboard.

Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital collaboration tool that allows users to create and share interactive drawings, diagrams, and notes in real-time. It is available as a standalone app for Windows 10, iOS, and web, and is also integrated into other Microsoft tools such as Teams and Office 365.

With Microsoft Whiteboard, users can draw, write, type, and insert images and sticky notes onto a blank canvas, which can be zoomed in and out for more detailed work. The app also includes a variety of drawing tools such as pens, highlighters, and erasers, as well as shape recognition and intelligent ink features that can turn rough sketches into clean shapes.

In addition to the digital canvas, Microsoft Whiteboard includes collaboration features that allow users to share their board with others, collaborate in real-time, and communicate through text and voice. Users can also save their boards and access them later, or export them as images or files for sharing and further work.

Using a Mouse: Hover & then double click on the portion of the Loop component you want to edit · Using a Keyboard: Use Tab to bring focus onto the Loop component ...

Feb 11, 2023 — Whiteboard doesn't yet have a way to insert a new Loop component. To use Loop in Whiteboard, copy a link to an existing Loop and paste it ...

3 days ago — Microsoft whiteboard also supports the use of Loop components. At the moment you can't add new loop components to the whiteboard, which is ...