Adding DNS Records for Microsoft 365 - Step by Step
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Sep 22, 2023 12:00 AM

Adding DNS Records for Microsoft 365 - Step by Step

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Demystify Microsoft 365 with our expert insights - navigate DNS records, verify ownership and configure mail routing seamlessly!

In this informational video by Peter Rising, an overview is provided on how to set up DNS records for Microsoft 365. A simplified, step-by-step process detailed in the footage helps the viewers understand how they can get their custom domain running smoothly on Microsoft 365. Various DNS records are discussed including TXT record to confirm domain ownership, MX record to manage mail routing, CNAME record for Autodiscover, TXT record for SPF, among others.

  • TXT record to verify ownership
  • MX record for mail routing
  • CNAME record for Autodiscover
  • TXT record for SPF

The video also briefly mentions channel membership options which has been omitted for lack of relevance. The video is tagged regarding Microsoft 365, domains, DNS, and hosting.

Going Deeper: DNS Records for Microsoft 365

DNS settings hold critical relevance when customizing your business or personal domain on platforms like Microsoft 365. These settings act as the roadmap for your domain, directing it to the correct servers. For instance, TXT records are used for verification - they help prove to Microsoft that you own the domain you're attempting to connect. On the other hand, MX records manage where your emails go, forwarding them to the right email server. Similarly, CNAME records direct the traffic of a subdomain to another domain or subdomain, and SPF records identify which mail servers are allowed to send mail for your domain.

Learn about How to add DNS records for Microsoft 365 - All you need to know!


Microsoft 365 users often need to incorporate a custom domain so as to access its vast features and options fully. In a recent YouTube video titled "How to add DNS records for Microsoft 365 - All you need to know!", the author guides on the steps needed to get your custom domain up and running in Microsoft 365. This includes crucial parts such as:

  • Creating a TXT record to verify ownership
  • Setting a MX record for mail routing
  • Formulating a CNAME record for Autodiscover
  • Designing a TXT record for SPF

By joining the video creator's channel via the provided link, you will gain access to exclusive perks that assist you in the customization and optimization process of your Microsoft 365 experience.

The video represents a simple but significant learning resource for individuals or organizations looking to customize their Microsoft 365 environment. It's especially useful for those with little tech knowledge, offering step-by-step guides to make domain customization straightforward.

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